Pathfinder 2E Free Archetype Variant Rule - if you DON'T use it, why, and how did your players react?


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While I agree with the general premise that you get free-archetype feats all the way up, and (absent a campaign-specific restriction to the contrary) they can be from any combination of archetypes (subject to the usual requirement to take two feats before the next Dedication - again unless waived), I do not think that that bit is saying what you think it is saying.

"If the group all has the same archetype or draws from a limited list, you might want to ignore the free archetype’s normal restriction of selecting a certain number of feats before taking a new archetype. That way a character can still pursue another archetype that also fits their character." (Emphasis mine.)​

What it says to me is that, if you are using the variant with a specific mandated archetype in the extra slots, you might allow the PC to take a second archetype alongside it in their normal rather than having to wait until they are three feats in.
I do recognize that session was saying that, but the things I bolded taken together heavily suggest that the intent is that you can also use the free feats for other archetypes after, since the clause that gives you the feats is distinct, and it still promotes taking other archetypes, and even smoothing the process of taking other archetypes overall.

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