Frigid Spleen Forfeits to Kalanyr


Kalanyr dissapointed by his loss to Kerall seeks another fight to redeem himself.

Open Challenge to all Green Belt eqivs or below.
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ahoy hoy

I accept your challenge and declare this match a two flag match.

I find your employer to be diseased, your fountain to be decayed, and your inner spirit to be absent.

The spear slashes facing the dungeon; quells the efforts of the vermin!

Frigid Spleen launches himself at the dungeon like a spear with the intention of catching the vermin that lives within!

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D :D :D
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I find your betrothed to be murderous, your field to be disgusting, and your stance to be unimportant.
2 Flags

Hello again, oh spleenly one I see you wish to fight again, hmph not so surprising considering you couldn't hang around home with your girlfriend out to kill you and your field in a disgusting state, and even with all the practice of fighting you must get at home your stance is still pathetic.

The rat penetrates the ravine; shreds the stab of the steel!

Assuming the stance of the Rat Kalanyr lunges forward hoping to enter the ravine of his opponents defence and shred the metal tip of his spear.


As Frigid Spleen forfeits the match, the judges frown and shake their heads. They motion to indicate that Kalanyr has won an easy victory.

Frigid Spleen You are a white belt still with an 0-2 record.

Kalanyr You are a Green Belt 1 and your dojo now has a 2-1 record.

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