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Gaming w/Jemal: Mutant Apocalypse Issue 2: Vegas!

Voda Vosa

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"Lets say I'm a resourceful person, comrade Shadow." Uomo said, this time not turning around and putting everyone at death risk.

"Did he? I guessed he'd be out for another couple of hours. Anyone got some seriour painkillers? Grid is going to need some when he's fully awake."

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Felix was, blatantly, sick, If he bothered to think about it, he would have realized he simply got a cold from being in a frozen room, courtesy of Frost; he, however, was still convied it was all part of a slow miserable death, and was in no mood to tolerate games of any kind Ja, und definieren Deutsch” he corrected and replied with a very stuffed up breathed, as he peeked out the windows of the van. When Uomo asked about the meds he again said "Ja", tiredly.
Assuming the van was clear of observes: he would shift forms and proceed to the rear, clothes draped comically loose over his then feline form and then got into his backpack, he made sure it was under nothing as they packed, a moment latter he lazily moved next to Grid, two bottles cliched between his teeth, Advil and Tylenol.
Felix allowed the adivel to drop out of his moth before torquing off the lead of the Tylenol: holding the lid with his mouth and the bottle itself between his paws, the result was a localized shower of pain meds, some remained in the bottle, the rest were, all over. noticing one of the several that landed next to himself, Felix looked down at it fixedly, before consuming the gel capsule and then again moving towards the rear.
A nice fifteen hour cat nap… yes,, he was going to have one.
A grim and tired thought would then reach his mind as a tune reached his mind’s ear without cause '…I’ll sleep when I’m dead…'

[he said “Yes, and define German.”]
[Also, when is his Regen kicking back in?]


OK, I'm currently working on the next stage of the adventure which may take a week, so until then, any questions/comments/RPing?
I'm thinking this time around I'm going to start the new thread with the Phoenix encounter instead of ending the current thread with it, so this thread will be used to close out the trip there, and any other things you guys want your characters to do before arriving there. Feel free to go fairly freeform if you want for now.

Grid is awake now, but immobile and in a fair bit of pain. The wound will heal between threads, but I may use it as an excuse for a complication during the next thread. :p

Zerith - I was planning on the changes from the serum to take about a day during which your regeneration fights the 'virus' and your body adapts. He'll be 'better' by the next mission, but probably not by the time you guys get to Phoenix.


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"Hey you're up! How are you feeling?"

Grid groaned, his mouth twitching a bit in what was probably an attempt at a smile. He took in a breath to say something, but just then the van smacked a pothole, and he hissed in pain at the jolt, instead.

Apparently deciding that moving any muscles was dangerous, he closed his eyes instead. There was an odd bit of static in the radio, then a voice came over, saying "I've felt better. Much better. But I think I'll live."

[sblock=ooc]Not sure if its fully in the parameters of his electronics-speaking / control, but since radio emulates voices, I thought it'd be decent fluff for now for him to 'ask' the radio to pass along a message for him.[/sblock]

Voda Vosa

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"See? Itold you he'd be Ok. I'll try not to hit another hole there, sorry for that, heh." Uomo says, grinning. "We should make a stop for some food, I'm starving!"


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Cassandra looks around and gives Grid a smile, but it's clear she's still preoccupied. She looks back at Uomo and asks, "What are we going to do about that scientist that got away? This is all going to happen again, or worse, if we don't get him out of labwork for good."

Voda Vosa

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"He's a mutant, with all the evidence of that in the security tapes, I don't think he would not get a chance to work for Lyon's, not even as janitor. More so, he's a loose end. He will be either killed or try to lay low for some time. Hopefully, enough time for us to do that thing we do." He winks. Speaking in code was still necessary, since there were two members of Phoenix just behind his seat. "The REAL problem here is the lead scientist, the one that wasn't there when we showed up." Uomo strtches his arms on the wheel. "Relax a bit Fulcrum, enjoy the landscape. Do what we humans do best, pretend that the rest of the world does not exist."