Gary Gygax has passed. RIP beloved father of RPG's. (merged)

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Wow.......just wow...

I don't know what to say. I'm in shock. I don't know if it's sad or just apt that his death was on DM's day. Either way, I'm sure the day will forever be remembered as Gary Gygax day.

Goodbye to the original Dungeon Master. We'll miss you. :(

Olaf the Stout

Silver Moon

A very sad day. We have all lost a great man.

I never met him but around five years ago he took an interest in my Wild West campaign which used the hybrid D&D 1st Edition & Boot Hill rules he created for the 1st Edition DMG. He read and posted comments to the ENWorld Story Hour of the campaign and we then exchanged around twenty emails, where he suggested plotlines and NPC's for the campaign.

He will be very much missed.

Kheti sa-Menik

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A light has gone out. Our hobby will be a little poorer still for his passing.

I always wanted to go up to him at Gencon and say hi.....but held back because I didn't want to seem like a drooling fanboy.

I am a fanboy though. Maybe I should have said so when I had the chance.

Farewell, Dungeon Master. May all your hits be crits.

My heart goes out to his family and the community.


It's a measure of the man's impact that I come home from practice and there are a dozen e-mails in my in-box passing the news along. Friends I have not heard from in years passed along happy memories of our times gaming in the past. That's what Gary's innovation brought to me - a great excuse to make new friends and spend time together.

I'm glad I got to thank him in person many times - but one more time - Thanks Gary!

Rest in Peace.


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You, sir, are accorded the singular honor of having thousands of people you've never met sharing a common sentiment which I choose to summarize as :

"Thank you for my life."

Congratulations to you, sir, for being in the rare company of people whose actions or creations have influenced and will continue to touch so many lives in such a positive manner.

I celebrate your life and your legacy, sir.


A player in my game informed me of the news this afternoon. My reaction was "nurr?", as it completely broadsided me.

We're getting together tomorrow night for our regular game tomorrow night. I'll have to think of something fitting in his memory.

I'm not a religious man, but it's a quaint thought to imagine him in the great beyond, designing the Great Campaign for when Al Gore, Nichelle Nichols, and Stephen Hawking get wherever Gary went... (Go watch Futurama!)

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