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Goblin Slayer Anime, A brief review


So...whenever people ask what recommended animated shows to watch that capture D&D, Record of Lodoss War is usually at the top. Rightfully so, because after all, it was based off of a D&D campaign. One show I haven't seen listed very often, but is also clearly an animated version of D&D? Goblin Slayer. And now I know why.

I consider this a brief review because I've only watched a few episodes, and likely that's all I will watch. I have not read the manga that predate the show, nor will I because I'm guessing they take all the questionable aspects of the show and amplify it.

The good:
It is quite literally animated D&D. If you're a fan of D&D, this is good. Classes, races, etc? All very typical D&D tropes. As is the tavern where adventurers gather and get jobs off of a jobs board,and the elf and dwarf fighting all the time.
The very first episode has a party of new adventurers go and try to attack a goblin cave. Very confident of themselves. Turned out to be a quick TPK. Ah, just like so many actual D&D games.

The bad:
Summarized version: Take every bad stereotype from 80s D&D male teen players and put it on screen. The sexism, the blatant cultural appropriation (the lizard man with a generic native American headdress?), and the worst part: sexualized violence. A lot of it. I have no issues with violence in general, especially for a dark and/or mature medium, which Goblin Slayer clearly is. But the sexualized violence crosses the line, IMO.

Seriously, this show is like a teenage boy with an unhealthy infatuation with rape fantasy was set loose. I won't go into details, but the rape fantasy is graphic, and repeated often. Over and over. The hyper sexualization of teen girls is also bothersome, but pretty typical for much anime. The brutal kidnapping and raping of said girls by goblins over and over is just disturbing. I came away with the feeling that Kumo Kagyu (the writer) needs to see a therapist. You can do violence, and you can even do inferred sexual violence without indulging in it, which is what this series does.

I do not recommend this show, no matter how much of a D&D anime it is. if FATAL was made into a manga or anime, this show would be pretty close to it.

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