DDAL Goodman Games want's your unrun AL adventures for their con.


I crit!
Lots of CCC adventures didn't make it because their con's got cancelled. Now they might have a new chance! This is awesome of the DMSGuild, Adventurers League, and WotC.

From Goodman Games:

We get it, 2020 was a tough year for cons! Did you create Adventurers League Content for a 2020 convention that got canceled? Well, Goodman Games is looking for approved Adventurers League Adventures that have not been used at a convention.

Goodman Games, partnered with the DMs Guild, is hosting Dungeon Con Online in May 2021, a celebration of all things 5E Dungeons & Dragons. If you have an unused approved Adventurers League Adventure that you are willing to share, please email us at info@goodman-games.com ASAP! We are open to any Adventurers League Adventures, including and especially Tier 1 adventures. If you are willing to let us premiere it at Dungeon Con Online, we’d like to hear from you.

For more information on Dungeon Con Online, check out Dungeon Con Online

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