D&D (2024) Green Dragon First Look on Gizmodo

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From the previous snip I wasn't sure, but I do like this reimagine of the green. The only real negative I have is I had always thought the black should have a more snake-like body, not that seems unlikely. I would also prefer the green (and gold) have a slightly longer body to match their longer neck and tail.







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Its got the head of a duck, an excessively long, flared tail and weird stumping wings? Thats design isnt to my liking

I gotta to admit that 2024 may be the first edition since 2E where the dragons actually seem interesting/cool. Really welcome this sort of thorough reconsideration/reworking of them.

A crocodile/alligator/spinosaur would be more accurate. Which seems more apposite given it is a swamp-dweller like those.

Also its wingspan is several times the length of its pre-tail body so "stumpy" seems hard to justify re: the wings. If so, angels have "stumpy" wings, as do most pre-5E dragons. What it does have is a very, very long tail.

Indeed, and it fits with the whole deal with dragons existing on a sort of cat-snek continuum.
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The head and neck is insanely large in proportion to the body. In the side view, it looks like it would fall on its face continuously. The overhead view makes more sense, but none of the other artwork depicts the neck as being that slender - it looks as thick as the head, so way too much of the dragon’s weight would be in front of its shoulders.

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