D&D (2024) Green Dragon First Look on Gizmodo


The concept art does the job it’s supposed to (defining proportions, head and wing shape, etc.), I doubt its shows up in the Monster Manual. It’s the pic of the dragon up in the tree that sells it. I love how the tail drapes over the branches like a snake!

I can understand the new designs may not be to everyone’s tastes (I admit they take some getting used too), but I like that they aren’t just playing it safe and sticking with the same 20+ year old look.

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It's...tolerable. It has some really weird parts I don't like, especially the wings (a running theme with this dragon design), but the serpent/cobra theme is a reasonable one for green dragons.

This one, "Bronze" (which should have been Copper...), and Red are thus far the only ones I'm neutral or better toward, and I still actively dislike how overstretched nearly all of them look. Black dragons have the god-awful spider wings...no spiders. Just...no spiders....


The head and neck is insanely large in proportion to the body. In the side view, it looks like it would fall on its face continuously. The overhead view makes more sense, but none of the other artwork depicts the neck as being that slender - it looks as thick as the head, so way too much of the dragon’s weight would be in front of its shoulders.
Are we trying to justify dragon biology?! That is never going to work. However,

The profile looks a lot thicker because it has a frill on top and a dewlap below. The actual head is not out of proportion to the body really and if you reduced the neck down to just the bone and muscle it would make a lot more sense I believe.
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Not my favorite but not bad or anything. Its fine.

The good news is folks can still use their old minis etc if they prefer the older look…as I assume a variety of sizes with ages.

This is totally mix and match. Use the reference art you like!


Is there a location to see all of the new designs?
Not yet - they haven't shown them all, nor collected them in one place. I am sure the new dragon art book will have them, but I am unsure of when that comes out.

The closest thing we have for the chromatics is this new Tiamat art:
Player's Handbook 2024 - Tiamat.jpg


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