D&D (2024) Green Dragon First Look on Gizmodo

Is there a location to see all of the new designs?
Not yet, to my knowledge. At present, it's all snippets from teasers scattered across a variety of sources (articles, videos, etc.).

A fair amount of what we've seen thus far was collected in this thread from a while back, though: D&D (2024) - More Dragon Redesign Clues

And according to the schedule for the preview videos WotC has been doing, we should be getting a video specifically on the dragon redesigns next Friday (July 12th): D&D (2024) - 2024 Player's Handbook Video Schedule: July 1st-12th!

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On another note, unless I'm mistaken, the recent Spells preview video gave us a shot of the redesigned Brass Dragon, which I don't think we've seen before:

Brass Dragon.png


Goblin Queen (She/Her/Hers)
All the new dragon designs feel like they've got a lot longer tails than before.
I think it’s mostly green and gold; gold because they wanted to call back to the pre-3e eastern dragon styled design, and green because snek.

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