Happy Birthday to me! Post me your Worst Verse!


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It is my annual birthday tradition to demand gifts of Bad Verse from my friends.

Guess what? This year, you folks are elected to pay my chosen tribute.

Rules are:
1. it has to be your own verse. Can't be someone else's.

2. It doesn't have to be fresh, feel free to recycle old ones.

3. Eric's Grandmother is watching.

4. Since we're posting here, try to make it at least vaguely RPG related.

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In a land of hate and war
where no trust has been before
little Sialla has been born
daughter to two en'mies sworn

She grew up and grew in power
made it to a Story Hour
still she could not right all wrong
or stop Nebin in mid-song

with death around her, lurking danger
she turned around, said to the ranger:
"Why in all nine hells must we
in Piratecat's adventure be?"

--you requested a bad poem, so it doesn't make sense on purpose :)

Happy B-Day


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There once was a poster named Sialia...argh.

Sialia once posted on E.N.World
And into the void a challenge she hurled
She wanted some verse, for her birthday
So all of the others set aside their play
They pondered and searched and scratched their heads
And started to wish they could return to bed
For as I have honestly just found
It's almost impossible to find a rhyme for Sialia.

The. End.


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You are a year older starting from now
And all who don't know you are crying out "How"?
When what they should ask is not "how" but "why"
But I guess that's because we are all kinda shy.

Great! That's pure genius!


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sialia has meter problems,
her name is a poetry goblin,
she used to game with the piratecat,
who couldn't stand a habit like that?

she is queen of some government hole,
where she acts like an archivist mole,
she just sits there all day in storage,
looking for things she can forage.


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Tallarn said:
It's almost impossible to find a rhyme for Sialia.
Fie! Fie, I say! :D

An avatar maker named Sialia
Depicted Old Ones in all their regalia.
This opened a gate,
Which quite sealed her fate,
For it 'ported her straight to Westphalia.

Happy Birthday! :)
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It's a long way to Bostonmassy,
It's a long way to go;
It's a long way to Californy,
And the sweetest girl I know.
Good-bye, Piccadylrath,
Farewell, Nolin Square:
It's a long, long way to Bostonmassy,
But my heart's right there.

.....You said BAD verse, so I obliged! :)

Happy Birthday, Milady!


Happy birthday! We meant to call you last night at midnight our time, but we fell asleep too soon. I wish we could be there with you today, but instead you'll have to suffer my verse.

Another candle on the cake
they build up every year
and after asking 'bout your age
a stranger just might sneer!

"It could not be!" the man would say
"You look so very young!
You shouldn't try to fool us
leaving your true age unsung."

But age we do, and on October's
milestone we cheer
We do not hoot, or snort, or scoff,
or hiss, nor boo, or fleer

Because as we together
climb life's ladder rung by rung
Our lives are shared, and in my brain
your portrait I have hung.

And please note that I have used neither "dung" nor "tongue," thankyouverymuch. Go, me!


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[Crosses hands behind back and recites, in Sam fashion]

The bestest friend there's ever been
When fighting orcs or big thri-kreen.
Or just to while the day away,
in heartfelt talk and endless play.

Oh, but that don't do it justice by half...
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Thomas Hobbes

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Random encounter.
We roll for intiative.
Alas! TPK.

Piratecat's monsters-
Fiendish kitty creations.
Templated madness.

Those dockside royals!
They wrote the book on child care.
Stone Bear takes a page.


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Dice dancer with delirious dreams
slaying such scum, forever it seems
birthdays better than beholder beams
Wishing you happiness with joyous screams

happy birthday
happy birthday
happy birthday

Joshua Randall

Greatwyrm said:
Gamer's Birthday Haiku

Your dice are not old,
but you are. Roll for new stats.
Gaming never dies.
Now that - THAT - is great poetry.

I'll try my hand at this haiku thing:

Fair Sialia!
D&D rejuvenates;
Thus, what matters age?


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You drew the baby Elder Gods,
Taught us the ABCs.
You made me lose most of my SAN
And laugh so hard I wheezed.

So, here's to you, Sialia,
On the day that marks your birth.
May you ever grow in pow'r of mind,
And nevermore in girth!

May the light of youth stay in thy face;
May thy breath always be minty.
May thy every move be filled with grace,
And may thy dice always roll twenty.
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There once was a girl of strange habit,
Involving syrup, whips, chains, and a rabbit,
Yep, that poster, Sialia,
Had her own type of -philia...
Ow, it's Eric's Grandmother, dagnabbit!

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