Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within


Normally I deliver 105 copies of a newspaper to different stores. For Black Friday I had to deliver 405 papers Thanksgiving morning. The last 2 days I've collected the unsold papers. I sold 92 of the 405. It's more than I normally sell for that day but not even a 1/4 of them. I have so many unsold papers from the week that my car is weighed down. I haven't been able to return them to the warehouse for recycling. I need to find somewhere else to take them.


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Yeah, they came out even better than I thought. A little trimming and I’ll slap some paint on when I have the time.


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I suspect anyone who has heard of Charlie Daniels would get the reference...though some might bristle at calling the devil a ”deity”.