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There will be a LOT of politicians (both sides) finding it hard to be re-elected next time
I wish it were so, but incumbents have an enormous advantage in elections. People tend to selectively forget what their own representatives have done/not done, even as they can lay out a litany of grievous affronts by officials of other cities, counties, states, the federal level and even other countries.


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But the severity / consequences of their decisions , regardless of reason is severe. Lives literally have been lost due to inaction.

Sorry Grandma, trying to keep it clean. Remember no hugs, touches and remain 6 feet away.
We love you grandma- be safe


Did anyone hear about the man driving a train off the rails near the USNS Mercy? Apparently, he was trying to bring a conspiracy theory into the light?



Not that I'm married or anything, but I am one of those folks who doesn't suddenly have a lot of time on their hands.
I'm a warehouse/shipping worker for a pharmaceutical company - we're essential... See, even though we're not actually making anything particularly important at the moment, we still have to show up for work - we ship stuff to Amazon sometimes, and Gods know, society would crumble if people couldn't get their fancy $30 toothpaste in 2 days with free shipping, lol. (Insert eye roll smiley here.)
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If you'll recall my car tried to end its own life. After months in repair limbo and 2 heart transplants (because 1 engine blowing up wasn't enough. )the car is back home. I just got back from a test drive. 😁


Day four:Well, I went over to my neighbor's house across the street,knocked a few times,pushed the door bell but no one answered. I then checked to see if the front door was locked. It was,so I went around back and found that they had been broken into. The door was opened a bit,so I walked in and was assaulted by the smell of death. I almost threw up. After finding a wash cloth to hold to my nose in hopes of keeping the smell at bay I looked around for the source. I found Jim's body slumped against the wall next to the front door with several bullet holes in it and his tv and other electronics missing. While thinking back on the good times I had had with him, he made some killer ribs, I decided that I would head back to my house and find a better way to cover my face before looking for any supplies. Before I left back the way I came, I unlocked the front door and found a sink plug,so I plugged the empty kitchen sink up and filled it up. This was done so,i could come back with any empty bottle and fill them up with water before the water pressure stopped.


Hopefully writing this will keep my sane,so here we go. It's been about three or four months since this all started. We all mocked those who grabbed the TP,and then laughed about the store shelves being empty due to folks getting crazy. It's also been three weeks since the last time someone from government non-military spoke to the Nation. That was when Martial law was declared, followed by all over seas troops being brought home,along with giving all over sea Americans a deadline of 24 hours to get to the nearest embassy/consult or be left in whichever country they are in. Luckily, the power hasn't gone out or or at least it hasn't here. There's rumors from both coast that barges are being taken out to the oceans filled with bodies and then coming back empty. I still have enough food to last a few more weeks,but I may have to go and scavenge after my supply runs out. I haven't heard gun shots yet,just the occasional siren. I'll write more later if I can.


I decided i'd keep count of the days by counting form when i started this diary,it seemed easier than anything else. The days sort of blend together at this point. I did hear a window break,so I looked out my front window and saw someone stealing a neighbor's car. I attempted to call 911,but all I got was an automated message about them being overwhelmed and what do to do if I suspect I have the virus. I don't even even know if the neighbors are still alive or what. I might attempt to go over there and check. I have been noticing that some websites are starting to turn into 401 errors. That's it for now.

I was going to go over to my neighbor's house to check on them but then I saw some military vehicles drive down my street from my window so I watched t them instead. I'm not sure where they were heading to, but they did have at least four dump trucks with them. I'm pretty sure they were loaded with dead bodies. Before the media clamp down, they were saying that the virus seems to have mutated into a deadlier form. Twitter and other social sites have posted notices about outages due to power/server issues. Frankly, i'm surprised that the government hasn't attempted to shut them down, hell i'm not even sure if they can do that. My lights did flicker a bit, but I'm not that worry since I have solar and a storage system along a back up generator.