Happy Haggert Hurried Hungry Hitch Hiking Hired Henchmen Hivers.... apply within


CR 1/8
I got Wordle in 2/6 this morning out of pure luck, just because the answer happened to a usual second guess when a usual first guess has zero hits.

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I learned nerd for this.
I read in the remembrance thread a Czech singer died of Covid after getting it intentionally. Holy hell, what is this world coming to? Were people always this stupid? Is it just more noticeable now?


I learned nerd for this.
I went to the clinic for a checkup. The nurse took my blood pressure twice. The second time was lower. I said "it's because you have a calming effect" 😁 she laughed and thanked me. As she left she said "My kids wouldn't say that." lol I couldn't help to think she mentioned the kids because she thought I was flirting..... I was. 🤐😎

The nurse practitioner came in and we talked about everything. She brought up prostate cancer. I'm thinking uhoh here it comes. "The poke" ☝️ She said it would be a blood test. Boy, was I relieved. I may get it done next time. No prostate or colon exams for me. No, sir. I'll do the poop in the box test and mail it to them. They can bleed me dry for any test they want. Keep your fingers and magic wands to yourself.


Wow... :D

So, in the course of some research brought about by the discussion in the thread about the new Fraggle Rock show, I discovered that for several decades a good chunk of Ireland was communally involved in pirating British broadcast tv, lol.

See, folks in the far eastern part of Ireland could get Brit tv due to overspill from Northern Ireland and Wales, right?

Here's the thing... At the edge of that range, from the '70's all the way up til the early '90's or so when satellite tv basically took over, there was a widespread network of large homemade "deflectors" that extended the broadcast range even further. They were powered by tractor batteries that were changed out by volunteers, and nobody, not even the local municipal governments, ever really bothered to try to tear them down.


I learned nerd for this.
I am a fan. I'm saddened by his loss. Yet, I feel compelled to say, I hope he's cremated. We'll have a cooked Meat Loaf.

I know I'm twisted. At least I didn't post it in the remembrance thread like I start to.

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