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D&D General Has anyone played in a group where everyone was a member of the same species? (+)

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that sounds interesting, care to elaborate? personally i think the kitchen sink party and high fantasy suspension of disbelief of DnD really undercuts the impact of meeting alot of even the most fantastical species, is that what you're talking about?
Well, it all took place in Mystara's Five Shires and the stakes were a lot lower than they usually were. The big mystery: Who killed the sure thing goose before the judging at the county fair? And would they kill again? (Yes, they would.)

It's the kind of adventure that would get a few quizzical looks at most tables, except when everyone's playing halflings, when of course that's something they'd investigate.

Helping out farmers and making sure no one is fraudulently getting a blue ribbon at the fair are much lower stakes than most D&D games. It's the kind of game that would be harder to pull off with aasimar and dragonborn in the party, coughing quietly and looking meaningfully toward the flying castle of the evil overlord off in the distance.

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I ran an all-dwarf game once. It went well enough.

It did achieve the goals of getting players to stretch a little (the chronic rogue player at least made a dwarf rogue), unified pc goals (recapture the mine from goblins), and getting people to think about dwarves more broadly (also saw a dwarf sorcerer IIRC).

It didn't last because the procedurally-generated dungeon was... not good. But with a better dungeon it would have worked.

I still want to do something similar but with dragonborn.

Edit: I've also played in an all-goblins one shot. That was silly, though it reiterated to me that 5e rangers are not fun.
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We had a short campaign where the players was part of a dwarven mining community with the premise that everyone would play a dwarf. 5 out of 6 played a dwarf, the sixth player decided to be a goliath. ... there i always one.
I ran a 3e short campaign almost exactly like this, including the none-Dwarf PC, who was...
Does it count as an all-Dwarf party if Carrot is one of them? Adoptions qualify, right? :)
... an adopted half-orc :)


Propositions of all-dwarves one-shots or short campaigns come up regularly, as they have for as long as I remember (the other recurring idea I’ve seen is all-thieves/rogue parties). I’m not sure why dwarves specifically, but I’ve heard about purposefully all-dwarves parties a lot more than anything else.

Otherwise I remember games that (accidentally) would have been single-species games if it wasn’t for « this one guy ». There’s always someone to break to mold; that’s unavoidable.


Sure all human is relatively common in groups I’ve played. Never had an all dwarf. But i did play in an all Drow campaign that was a lot of fun a few years ago.

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