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D&D General Has anyone played in a group where everyone was a member of the same species? (+)


Previous editions, but I've been in/run an all-human, all-dwarf and an all-elf game. The all-elf game was a bit strange as someone decided to run an unrepentant drow as part of the group. Also ran an all-small game where the group consisted of dwarves, gnomes, halflings and child human.

I've also run an all-fighter, all-wizard and all-rogue game before. The all-rogue group happened to all be human (with one half-elf) as well.

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If you include variant human and half-human then yes :)
damn elf lovers and elementals spoiling my humanocentrism!

and child human.

How did you do that along side the adults? Were they adjusted to be weaker or just run with normal human stats?

Ive done an all small game with a gnome, goblin, fairy and shadow halfling
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The all-halfling campaign was fun because it doubled-down on themes that normally get pushed to the background of D&D. I would definitely do it again.
Sounds like fun.

'Round my parts if you suggest such a thing you get the "racist" label branded to your forehead, so I would like to emphasize that the reason to run a homogeneous group isn't to exclude the Cantina Effect for what it is, but for what it prevents. You can explore themes that are exclusively beyond reach of a motley crew.

Case in point, in our last campaign, one of the other PCs was an automaton, and another later became undead. Another, introduced later, was extraplanar. OK. . . yay for imagined diversity, but the ways my flesh-and-blood character can relate to characters with no need to eat, drink, breathe, socialize, or sleep are limited beyond mere cultural differences. We pretty much stuck to the task at hand because that was literally the only thing holding the group together, resulting in a role-playing experience of tediously narrow scope.

It's not like I need a team to be all-cis-white-male or even all-human. It can be all-whatever, as long as it's all-something. It's just easier to work from common ground.

Several times. Most of them were just for some quirky reason like "ALL GOBLINS!!". A tiny number were for theme games like "All Dragonborn in a Dragonborn empire deciding what to do about the savage races of the world". And once, one single time, everyone picked Half Elves in an ordinary game with no racial input in the slightest. It just happened.

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Most of them were just for some quirky reason like "ALL GOBLINS!!".
I just listened to this as a podcast over the weekend and laughed like an idiot the entire time:

I'm going to run some sort of one shot like that some time, whether via Kobolds Ate My Baby! (which is inherently suited to this sort of mayhem) or in another system.


My group loves Dwarves and we've done dwarf only games at least twice. One in 4e and one in 5e (4e Dwarves were better >.>). They also did a Halfling only game.


We have a long running tradition of Shortie Squad games where we suspend the anti-Small creature rules of a given edition and play as either all halflings or all kobolds.


How did you do that along side the adults? Were they adjusted to be weaker or just run with normal human stats?
Can't remember if it was in a splat book or Dragon Mag article, but back in 2E there were rules (mostly stat mods) for running young/old characters. That, and a fair bit of RP (I am reminded of the likes of Time Bandits - my wife likes to run "innocent" young characters amid a fairly "PG-13/R" rated group). The 1E DMG had something similar for adjusting stats, if I recall correctly. 3E has aging effect rules buried somewhere in a book too.


I've wanted to run an all-dwarf campaign since the Complete Book of Dwarves came out for 2e. Maybe I'll finally try to make that happen in 6e.
I, too, have long wanted to run an all-dwarf campaign, probably since I got that same book. I want to run The Forge of Fury, Hobbit-style where the PCs are members of the same clan seeking to reclaim their lost stronghold.

And, yes, as @jayoungr mentioned, I am currently running an all-gnome Eberron campaign. Note: my 12-yo didn’t want to play a Small-sized character so her gnome is a Medium-sized one who got permanently enlarged by the magic of the Mourning.

Back in the early 00s, I played in a hybrid 2e/3e game where we were all humans. My first PC was a 2e firbolg as a kind of variant extra-tall human. He died and was replaced with a regular human.

One of my groups is talking about an all-bard campaign after we finish our current adventure, and last session one of them suggested they all be halfling bards. We’ll see if that pans out …

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