D&D 5E Has D&D spoiled you on other RPGs?


I like dnd 5e and have a lot of fun with it, but I just started playing ttrpgs (1,5 years) and I definitely want to try other systems.

Some games I want to try when I finish my current campaign is Pathfinder 2e, Savage Worlds, Mythras or Dungeon World. If I'm going to play a new 5e campaign then I will be using Level up a5e

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Not in the least.

For high fantasy / high magic it's great, though 'we' are slowly parting ways from each other.

I play a lot as am semi-retired and there are loads gamers where I live. This means I get to try loads other games, settings and genres. In the past couple of years I have played a dozen or so other rpgs, and hadn't played 5th ed for about a year (but am now running Spelljammer).

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