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Help me name my GURPS Black Ops campaign?


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Help me brainstorm a name for my GURPS Black Ops campaign? I'm actually using Mythic D6 as the rule set, rather than GURPS proper. I also have an idea of where I want the campaign to start and progress (it'll start off using a modified version of the Delta Green adventure Need to Know). I need a campaign name for the online platform I'm using (Tavern Keeper). Here's kind of what I'm shooting for tone-wise:

Video On YouTube

Suggestions so far include:

Burn While Reading
Top Secret: Burn While Reading
SCI: Burn While Reading
A Collection of Hand Grenade Accidents
The Atrocity Files
The Apocalypse Archives
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Operation None of your F**king Business
Project Go For It
Team Hold My Beer
Team Ampersand (Actual campaign of mine, title chosen by the players)
Task Force Forlorn Hope
Operation Its Around Here Somewhere
Project Blind Luck and Violence

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