D&D Movie/TV Here's The D&D Movie Trailer!

"Who needs heroes when you have thieves?" The movie arrives March 3rd, 2023. Here's the trailer! When they said it was inspired by Guardians of the Galaxy, they weren't kidding! We have dragons, owlbears, mimics, gelatinous cubes, quips, and more!

There was also a clip shown at San Diego Comic Con where the party cast speak with dead, and got to ask five questions. Also, apparently, the D&D cartoon characters from the 80s have a cameo!

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Reeks of Jedi
I'm not going to lie, I thought that Black Dragon was vomiting mud straight across the battlefield and then I was like "oh yeah, acid."

Kinda neat to actually see what it would look like in motion.
Found it odd that the acid apparently loses all effect once it lands in the ground and people and animals walk over it.

Looks like fun. Kind of wish the characters WHERE their classes and not people playing a class. Th Barbarian didn’t act like a Barbarian aside from wears no armor and has a big axe. The Bard is a bard because.. he plays a lute and is apparently charismatic.

They are all people being themselves playing a class. Which I guess is D&D.

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