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Hexblade Question

OK So there was some discussion in another thread so I'll throw this out there as it's own topic. Playing an 11th level Human Hexblade Pact of the blade Warlock. It's my first warlock and I am enjoying the character immensely. As 12th level approaches, feats are allowed and I already have a 20 Charisma. I've considered doing feats for the later ASIs and the plan is to be straight Warlock through 20th. Does anyone have a favorite feat with the Warlock? The campaign is planned to go to high levels. Any recommendations? He's wielding a greatsword as his pact weapon, and using invisibility to jump the big bad with Eldritch smite and partnering with the Assassin in the party has been a favorite tactic but I have gotten mixed reviews on the melee type feats.

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I know a lot of people don't like it but Great Weapon Master could work for your build. Invisibility will give you advantage to offset the -5 for the extra +10 damage and tack on Eldritch Smite on that hit will auto knock the target prone (huge or smaller) and give you advantage on your other attack to help offset the penalty as well.

I'd need to know a little more details about your character/party for further recommendations (opinions). Resilient Con might be a good one if you have an odd Con modifier and give you proficiency on Con saves to help with concentration checks if you like to keep up any concentration buffs (Hex?). Mage Slayer maybe if you tend to face a lot of casters. Heck even Inspiring Leader if it fits your character. 17 THP for the whole party doesn't suck. Maybe Mobile depending on your fighting tactics (hit and run).


Short answer: Lucky

Long answer: There are quite a few viable options as a melee focussed caster. Here are the one's that spring to mind:

Warcaster; Concentrating on spells seems to be less crucial to your game-plan then most casters but it's never a bad idea to consider. Booming blade on AoE is also kinda nice.

Resilience - Con; Slightly better at your level then warcaster to improve concentration and very nice if you have an uneven con score. But that's ussualy not the case unless you planned to take this @ char creation.

Great Weapon Master; Probably your highest and most consistent damage improvement, when it comes to feats. The +10 damage is big and as a smiter you often get the killing blow so can often benefit from the extra attack aswell.

Sentinel: A tactical version of GWM if you play it smart with your rogue buddy. Definatly less damage though.

Inspiring Leader: A bit of a flavour choice on wether it suits your character but, in general, if no one else has the feat then for you with 20 cha its never a bad choice.

Lucky: I think that If you are planning to play in any higher level campaign then this feat is almost manditory, I think. Sure, it's not the most original thing to have it on every character and you can definatly argue it's cheesy but seriously, It's the character's version of Legendary Resists. Unless you are playing a meatgrinder-style of campaign and have little attachement to your character then you are going to want this feat.


Good suggestions so far. As others have said, War Caster or Resilient (Con) are top choices at level 12 to help concentration. After that, here are a few more I would consider at level 16:
Alert for +5 initiative and not ever being surprised.
Magic Initiate for a spell and two cantrips. Pick the wizard class and take Find Familiar and a couple of useful cantrips like mage hand or minor illusion, or one of the SCAG cantrips if you don't already have both BB and GFB.
Crossbow Expert lets you be a point-blank eldritch blaster. Once you get 4 beams at level 17, you could switch to EB when your smites are used up.


As long as i get to be the frog
I recommend polearm master. Drop the greatsword. Use a halberd or glaive.

You go from 4d6+20 = 34 to 2d10+1d4+30 = 43.5

Also grants an attack if another enemy engages you after you and the rogue engage the first.

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