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D&D 5E Homebrew: How to modify Shield spell?

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Possibly a Idiot.
I really hate that, we have more than enough advantage/disadvantage mechanics.
That's entirely the point of the change.
It's isn't actually a nerf to the spell itself, it's an innate limiter to prevent it from stacking out of control (which is the entire reason the spell is a problem in the first place).
It also opens up design space for an Advanced Shield spell or proper spell scaling.


I always thought the complaint about the Shield spell was that it was too much too soon and that it never got better as the caster did? Which is why a typical response I always saw to amend the spell was to keep it exactly as-is, except the AC bonus was equal to the caster's proficiency bonus rather than a flat +5.

Granted... the flat +5 was assumed to be the caster gaining essentially 3/4s cover (like anyone could get standing behind an arrow slit)... which is why it was always a flat number. Although the spell also did not say that it granted 3/4s cover, which means that in theory the caster could be behind that cover and use Shield as well, which was part of the problem.


Sorry, I meant that the shield spell's improvement to AC will no longer stack with the +2 of a normal shield. Does that make sense?
yes, you have a shield of force that mimics actions of a mundane shield.
same way you cannot benefit from 2 mundane shields for +4 AC.

If it didn't have Con tag it would be a good spell, with it it's D-tier at best.
I thought so too. But on a paladin in +1 plate with a +1 shield, we are looking at 22 AC wothout shield of faith and 24 with it. Cast as a bonus action. Since 2014 paladin can't do a lot with their bonus action, shield of faith often proves more useful than a shield spell.

the Jester

My 'fix' would be to make the shield bonus apply only against the triggering attack, with the option to upcast one level to have it last until the end of the turn it activates, and to upcast it two levels to have it last until the end of your next turn.


this is still a D-tier spell, maybe C.
1 minute? 1st level slot for +2 AC that does not stack with a shield for 1 battle?
If I'm that desperate for AC, I will sacrifice one level and be a multiclass fighter.
If you want an "always available shield", then I do think you should either multiclass or take a feat that gives you proficiency. Not rely on a spell.

Potential ways to nerf Shield, and my thoughts:

Make it Concentration - While a very definite nerf and encouraging an important in-game tactical decision, I do not think that this addresses Shield's core issue.

Triggers when attacked rather than when hit. - Some DMs reveal whether Shield would actually stop the hit or not, making Shield much more powerful at those tables. Deciding whether to cast Shield before you know it will actually stop damage for you requires a lot more thought.

Change the calculation. - Rather than +5 AC, Shield grants a flat AC of 13 + Spellcasting modifier + Proficiency bonus, with no other bonuses applying. - This is my favourite I think. It makes Shield still a useful spell, but doesn't allow the stacking with armour, bladesong, or other bonuses that makes it so powerful. I do not have an issue with Shield granting a good AC. I think the problem lies when Shield is combined with an already high AC to give an AC unachievable any other way.

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