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D&D (2024) Homebrew: New ability for Rangers; Rapid attack, it is fueled by spell slots, but adding more martial flavor to ranger.


Somewhat resembling Paladin's smite, new ability will be fueled by spell slots.

Rapid attack:
Once on your turn you can spend a spell slot.
It adds a number of attacks to your Attack action this turn equal to spell slot level.
Attacks during this Attack action are counted as magical.

This would add more martial role to the ranger, and if all slots are "burned" this way, you could have essentially a spell-less ranger without reworking the whole class.

Since these extra attacks can miss and paladin's smite is 100% sure, adding Advantage to all attacks during this Attack action would bring it closer to Smite.

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Wait, so they could theoretically have 2 turns of 6 attacks, 5 turns of 5 attacks, and so forth? Talk about going nova. Don’t see how that’s balanced at all, either, as the fighter with action surge gets a max of 8 once per day.

Edit: Unless this is just theoretical, or a house rule?
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One day, I hope to actually play DnD.
i could see a slot to rapid attack ability progression of
1st - advantage on your regular attack action
2nd - +1 extra attack
3rd - +1 extra attack with advantage
4th - +2 extra attacks
5th - +2 extra attacks with advantage
at 1st I would say, but it should be gated on further ranger levels so it does not become multiclass cheese.
I.E, you can spend 2nd level slot only at 5th ranger level, etc...
what slot levels you can convert being tied somehow to ranger levels would be wise, maybe you need to have gained that level of spellslot in your ranger progression in order to convert them to rapid attack, so you need to be a 5th level ranger having gained your first 2nd level ranger spellslot before you can convert any other 2nd level slots you might happen to possess.


I think ranger level 2 would make more sense than 1st level as that's when you first get spell slots. I like the idea, though I probably wouldn't grant advantage on the attacks and I wouldn't make them magical, instead I'd base it on what weapon is used. Most likely they'll have a magic weapon before too long.

I think the damage potential is likely going to stack up faster than a paladin, especially if additional damage effects start getting taken into account.

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