D&D Movie/TV Honor Among Thieves MtG Secret Lair leaked

Really cool cards, but wtf are they universes beyond when CLB, AFR, and the D&D Cartoon Secret Lair aren't?

Rumour also is that the in universe versions will be in Wilds of Eldraine set coming early fall. If so this would be the first Blind Eternities character to get dice rolling (previously only D&D cards and Un-verse cards like in Unfinity got dice rolling or directly cared about dice rolling).

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It occurs to me that this secret lair might be UB because it shows the actual actors, so they maybe prefer the none secret lair versions to not show the faces of say Pine and Grant.

Still if these in universes versions are set in Eldraine it'll be interesting to see how they deal with the Eldraine version of Doric. Do they add shape shifting druids to Eldraine's lore and the Tiefling creature type to Eldraine, or do they do the equate a new creature type with Tieflings like Tieflings=Tainted or some other new creature type or do they do what alot of MtG fans have wanted them to do make Tiefling=Azra, just use the Azra creature type, but rule that Tieflings and Azra count as the same creature type (this would benifit both Azra & Tiefling tribal).

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