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Alright, it's like this.

I've been thinking (dangerous as that may seem). And I want to a) throw Ariel a birthday party; b) do something fun for folks. I've never done that before, and she's -old- as the hills and probably deserves it by now.

I came to several ideas...about what Ariel would do, for her own party. I concluded, I want to do a murder mystery type dinner party, with characters taking on personas and playing them out (like folk do for RL dinner parties). I'm planning on doing all the organising and whatnot.

I was just wanting expressions of interest. It'd be a limited 3 hour thing. On a weekend night (for most east coasters). The time/date is still negotiable. So who would come? This is the question.

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To lend to the realism, I could un-kinda-retire Orchid and have her actually try to murder Ariel? haha!

~~ KC


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I do rather expect a few party crashers. Some people, naturally Ariel's friends, will receive personal invites (for those I've got emails for).

Ru, I expect ya to come ;-). And perhaps Im too, if I can get in contact with Fox sometime soon.

I warn those who come, I dont want fighting all night. And a lot of Ariel's friends are of questionable allignment. If your character cant keep it in their pants long enough to 'enjoy' the party atmosphere; please dont ask that they attend.

Consider that I suspect it will be costume as well as persona, hence folk most likely will not know who is who.

Orchid...someone has to 'hypothetically' murder Ariel. On the other hand, to make the party, everyone has to expect that it's everyone else. Orchid would prance around like...anyways she'd be proud of it. That would kinda ruin things a bit. ;)

Ariel, since she'll be 'dead' than usual...will be chamberlain of the night, to sort out any disagreements.

I will require the email of all those participating. More information about your character, and maybe others, will be gleaned at key times throughout the evening, hence I must have some way of directing this to you personally.

For the party crashers...Ariel will not be the only 'evil' person attending. I intend, on setting up a place where matches are hosted. These matches, will have a twist though. So if you are planning on whipping out some big spells/weaponry to smite some scrawny backside...think again. Any participant that enters, will leave in relatively the same condition. ( I dont like folk dying on my watch. I do like entertaining fights though. ) I also expect these tiffs to be taken in a timely manner, as the party murder process will take a while as is.

The question is, which is better, a Friday or a Saturday night? The reason I choose these is because they fall on my Saturday or Sunday.

A way to enter/sign up IC will take place, probably on the CRT boards. It will be quite curious, but naturally I think quite a few folk might enter. Some will get invites, some wont; this is dependant on how many people I can actually arrange to come. Please understand, that there is a limit to how many can actually be managed to attend.

But dont worry, if all goes well, I might host another different party...-if all goes well-.


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Sounds like fun to me!

And of course, thinking of a guise will be fun to do.
Plus that questionable alignment thing. *snickers*

And as for throwing other parties, that seems like a good idea since everyone does have a birthday. Even though not everyone ages.

But anyway...onward to whatever I do.


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James, I'll eat you if you dont come... ;-)

The guise will roughly be supplied (I suspect name and public position and basic behaviour). Heh costume and fitment to your character is up to you! I might well make a list, and give evil characters 'good' guises, and good characters 'evil' ones. For laughs. I'm not sure. But...hmmm, now that I have some interest, I know to start organising myself.

Not all of them need be parties either. If these (I'll call them speed RPs) work out okay...I may just start hosting them whenever I get the time. *shrugs*. Dependant dependant. Let's just focus on getting this one off the ground first.

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