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The date:

Dun dun duhhhh...

27-04-08! It will be an estimated 8am start for me. (Ahh the joys of my time zone.)

To convert this for yourself goto: World Clock

Select time with the details above, as well as the world zone called: Australia - New South Wales - Sydney...Then choose your time zone and convert!

Any major objections, email me/ post here!


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Sounds like a good time to me!

*aside*Even if finals are around that time! I tend to work best when crazy circumstances!*/aside*

But as for everyone else, I hope they can get that time open for themselves!

James V

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I'm dragging Fatora along! She says she'd love to...and well...she said she'd bring pork!!!!!! and BBQ SAUCE! PULLED PORK SAMMICH!!!!!


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Gah! I'll email Fatora soon 'bout it. In fact I'll be sending out personal OOC invites to Ariel's friends pretty soon. Maybe not this weekend, but I be tryin!

Now that folks know the dates, I'll be waiting for emails. I hope to get the boards sign up running by my Sunday coming. But considering I've got training tomorrow and Saturday, everything's a bit up in arms!

All in good time!
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I needed somewhere to put this... Instructions for the CRT boards sign up:
To enter:
*reach into the void
*follow the instructions on the other link or email me at <And I'll email you back asap>
*<IC> draw out your door handle & playing cards <OOC> I'll send you stuff about it
*if you dont want to participate but still reach in, <IC> you'll get a jar of boiled candies!


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Alright, I know I've been quiet. I've been fairly busy, work and all that kinda icky stuff.
But here's the deal. You've all been too busy; or cant come at the designated time.

I'm setting the RSVP for the 22nd. I'd prefer if ya got to me by this Saturday (since my weekend is gonna be hectick) but that's perhaps a bit of a luxury. I love all the expressions of interest; i'm a little disappointed in the follow up. ;-) So c'mon c'mon, we haven't got all year!

Sorry I haven't replied on here since my last post, I'm not typically on the forums here. We did however arrange my being there (on Gaia yesterday). If you want my email though you'll have to ask me in PM on Gaia. I try to avoid giving it out in such a public forum like here.

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