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How did you celebrate NY Eve?

Larry Fitz

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The President of LI and one of the other developers created a Live-roleplaying game for about a dozen of us (everyone played themselves). They used some ingenious props and electronic devices to create puzzles and conundrums for us to solve and had some great hors doevres and desserts (cheesecake... mmmmmm)... unfortunately the AM transmitter didn't show up, that would have been phenomenal for immersion of gaming.... also unfortunately we didn't solve all the puzzles on time, so if the western society collapses in the face of religious fundamentalism over the course of the next 10-100 years... my bad.

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I had a wild party with:
- 11 friends (5 male, 6 female)
- 70 sandwiches
- 2 bottles of vodka
- 1 bottle of whisky
- 16 half-liter cans of beer
- 24 assorted bacardi breezers
- 3 bottles of assorted wine
- 6 bottles of coke
- 2 bottles of lemonade
- 1 kg of salty snacks
- Music
- 1 game of Atmosfear

Then I went to bed at, uhm, let's say that it was 2003 even at you guys', overseas, by that time.


As usual, I was in my parents basement, alone, with a vat of vaseline and a box of animal crackers. What a wild time, let me tell you.

My New Year's Eve, by way of illustration. . .


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I went to a local music show, had the bouncer at the club read my ID wrong and mark me 21+, and drank more Blue Moon, Bailey's, and Jägermeister than I would have thought possible.

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