D&D 5E How good is incite greed in play?


I am looking for a good 3rd level control spell
I have been underwhelmed by hypnotic pattern in play. Friendly fire issues, enemies get out of it if they take damage or can be shaken out of it. In play it has rarely been game changing and you need to get all of the enemies for the effect to be really significant.

Fear has been better at tables I play, but it has its own issues, most notably that the cone means you need to get in the front to cast it, exposing yourself to attacks which will end the concentration.

I came across incite greed recently and this seems like it would be quite powerful. On the downside it is a save every round, but on the up side there is no automatically getting out of it, you can be greviously damaged and still be affected. They would cause an AO walking towards me too.

Wondering if anyone has used it in play and has a report?

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