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How happy are you with your table/group?

How happy are you with your table/group?

  • Very satisfied

    Votes: 31 45.6%
  • Satisfied

    Votes: 22 32.4%
  • Somewhat satisfied

    Votes: 7 10.3%
  • Neutral

    Votes: 3 4.4%
  • Somewhat unsatisfied

    Votes: 4 5.9%
  • Unsatisfied

    Votes: 1 1.5%
  • Very unsatisfied

    Votes: 0 0.0%


B/X Known World
I shouldn’t laugh but this does sound amusing. It probably isn’t! 😂
It was funny the first time one turn from one of the younger players took longer than the whole rest of group (referee and monsters included) because they would not shut up describing their action. The sun was just so, the light glinted off their sword, their armor, their shield, their teeth...on and on and on. It's like living in an RPG horror story where the problem players are somehow simply unaware that the rest of the table exists...despite sitting around the table with them and insisting on locking eyes with a different player with each new tedious bit of description. When it happened again, it was mildly amusing. After the third time, the player was talked to away from the table. After the fourth time, the rest of us just scheduled our bathroom, smoke, and food breaks around their turn. Ah the joys of the teenage frustrated novelist or thespian player.

"But I must be dramatic! It's my time to shine. To show the table what I can do. Look at me. Aren't my words just so damned cool!"

"No, dude. Succinctly state your action, roll the dice, and shut up."

But the poor referee.
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Old Fezziwig

a man builds a city with banks and cathedrals
For both games I'm in, I voted Very Satisfied. I'm lucky. It's been 15 years (nearly exactly) since I've been in a game where there've been issues with the table.

Prior to that, I had an experience where we had two fellas that didn't quite fit at a table. One of them was entirely too excited about an undead fetus in one of the FFG Midnight sourcebooks.* The other was playing an elf that was going to try to seduce her way through Eredane. One of them, I don't remember which, was desperate to parley with wolves, despite being absent the means for such a thing. To cap it off, they had both worked at a company together where there were layoffs, and one had been let go, and the other had not. They weren't, that I'm aware of, friendly prior to that and didn't really get along at the table. Long story short, they were both asked to leave.

* For clarity and the avoidance of doubt, any excitement about that monster was far, far too much excitement, and he was breathless.


Voted somewhat unsatisfied: while I have (2) groups that share 3/4 people and are lovely, my longest term group I’ve told I won’t be re-upping after we wrap the campaign soon. 2 players want OC style play, which I’ve realized im fundamentally not interested in and a 3rd simply never cared to learn their class very well + the curse of online play with ADHD folks & OC play means people tend to check out.

It’s rarely painful, but I’ve just realized our play desires no longer align.


We've been together around 20 years (some have come and left over that time, but with a very stable core). I get to run any game I want. On the rare occasion where I feel like taking a break, someone else will step up for a bit if necessary. No drama. No surprise that I'm very satisfied.

If someone gets to know someone who might be suitable and we have an opening, they get an invite. We never go looking for random gamers to join, the pre-requisite is being an existing friend or associate of an existing member of the group.

aramis erak

This is the second in of a number of polls gauging the overall temperature of the community, and how well they are enjoying the games they play.
ANd the second in a row to ignore the large fraction that are doing multiple.

At least this one, both groups, the answer is the same, Generally satisfied.

Tho' I've players in both groups who seem to channel their inner Alan Alda...


Front Range Warlock
I very much like our current group for Vampire 5e. When it comes to playing D&D 5e, however, I'm not as satisfied (there have been a LOT of false starts for campaigns and a few of the players won't buy a PHB or bother to figure out how their abilities actually work, which has driven me a bit crazy). And when it comes to playing games other than Vampire and D&D, very UNsatisfied (mainly because only one member of the group is willing to play other games).


Voted "Satisfied.
As a GM i have issues with drama among my players.
As a player and GM, I am sometimes at loggerheads with the GM over rules. As a GM I like to rewrite rules, which some players find annoying. As a player I and my GM are sometimes at odds about how to read a rule.

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