How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last?

  • 2 hours or less

    Votes: 10 13.9%
  • 3 hours

    Votes: 30 41.7%
  • 4 hours

    Votes: 34 47.2%
  • 5 hours

    Votes: 12 16.7%
  • 6 hours

    Votes: 8 11.1%
  • 7 hours

    Votes: 5 6.9%
  • 8 hours or more

    Votes: 4 5.6%


How long does your TTRPG gaming sessions usually last? This includes VTT games. You can make multiple votes.

My sessions usually last 4 hours. But lately they have gone down to 2.5 hours due to a complicated schedule.

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He Who Lurks Beyond The Veil
The usual game time has been saturday evening from 2pm forward. Normally ending somewhere between 7pm-11pm, depending on everyone’s schedule. This usually consists of about 6 hours of actual playing and few hours of just hanging with the group.


I used to run with just a start time and no definitive end time... but once I ended up in a situation of trying to "sneak in" another session each weak and it was hard-limited to ending at a particular time because people involved had obligations like class and work and sleep before those, I noticed that session was consistently the most productive of all of them throughout the week - people showed up ready to focus on playing, got back to playing in less time when distractions arose, and were clearly trying to get the most out of their time because it was limited.

So I changed to scheduling 4 hour sessions and haven't regretted it yet (it's been working for years now). I do sometimes run less than that, but usually it's because the session didn't start on time and me stopping at the normally scheduled end time, or because some other activity has popped up at an unfortunate time.


We play weekly on Fantasy Grounds and usually end up playing for about 3 hours. Our weekly IRL game actually averaged less because we kibitzed and such for longer before getting going usually.


I like 3 hours, drifting to 3.5.
However some of my friends fade out at 2.5
Online it seems to need to shorter, so 2.5 for me, 2 for others.
But.. at a con I can play 14 hours in 3 sessions with an hour in-between.
I just need power naps every three hours really, but I am in my mid fifties so that's ok.

My currently active game involves mostly 9-12 year olds over Zoom. I think we've only had one session last to the 2 hour mark.

With my previous adult group, the entire get-together could be as long as 6 hours. But gaming was probably only about 3ish.


4 hours is the average. They can range from 3 to 5 hours depending on the natural pacing of the adventure and how the players and I are feeling.

Currently, three hours is typical. I used to run longer games, 5-7 hours, with occasional all-nighters. But I was much younger then, with far fewer responsibilities.

A few of my players and I did get away for a gaming weekend at a family cabin just before COVID-19 and got to play for ~18 hours over two days. Even then, though, we didn't run sessions for much longer than three hours—roughly three sessions per day with meals, hiking (well, snow-shoeing), and social time in between. (It was quite rewarding to get a session in right after breakfast!)


Rotten DM
If you are talking about actual play time, 3.5 to 4 hours. I try to start around 6 PM but between bs and late arrivals start time is around 620+. And by 9:30 if at the game store, I getting input overload and start wrapping up the session.


Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
3-4 hours. Not like in high school or college where we'd do 10-14 hour marathons every weekend. Now we play weeknights after work.

Online has increased the playtime a bit - lack of commute means we are more likely to start on time,and we can play a little later.

Adult gaming is much more complicated that it used to be. Back in high school 6-12 hour sessions were fairly common. In college 6 hour sessions were the norm, with the occasional all nighter. Nowadays we plan for 4 hours, sometimes run over to 5, but sadly 3 hours are not uncommon. Worse is the weeks we can't get enough players together...


Victoria Rules
First off, brilliant move @atanakar for allowing multiple votes in this poll!

I voted on behalf of the sessions I DM, which in theory are supposed to be more or less 4-and-a-half hours (thus my votes for 4 and 5) but in practice range from 3 to 6. We often start a bit late and often run well past the in-theory end time, particularly on long weekends or if no-one has anything going on the next morning.

The sessions I play in are often shorter - maybe 3-4 hours - due to players getting tired early. (I'm not one: all too often I've just poured myself a drink when the game shuts down, so I hang around and gab for a while)


World Traveller
When we were meeting in person, the average time was about 4 hours. My Saturday group sometimes ended up going 5 or 6 as we all arrive unfashionably early, though this isn't the norm. That group has skipped Roll20 however. My Friday group played about 4, but surprisingly the move to Roll20 has us playing less, closer to 3 1/2 hours instead

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