How Many Actual Sessions Has Your Current Long-Term Campaign Had?

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nopantsyet said:
We are 26 sessions into the current campaign, and we're still building momentum, which is thrilling to me because while I've played more sessions per year in past years, I actually haven't had group continuity this long. (Cursed grad students, getting jobs and moving!) I think this one's got real long-term possibilities. provide the same stats others are providing, it's a bi-weekly game that's been going on for a little over a year, with a few missed sessions in there. We average 4.5 hours per session for a total of 117 hours playing this campaign.

Approximately three months in-game have passed. We tend to cover 1.5-2 days in-game per session, except where long-distance travel is involved. That has accounted for probably half of the in-game time elapsed to date.


Eternal Optimist
Well, the current stage of the campaign has been running since early 2003, biweekly, so I'd think about 50 sessions or so. Sessions probably average out at about 4.5 hours, so 225 hours of play.

It is, however, a continuation of the original 3e campaign, just with different characters. That campaign has now had about 150 sessions or so.



Unattainable Ideal
Barsoom started in 1999 and is on session 108, I think. There have been two extended hiatuses (hiatii?) in there, one lasting five months and the other lasting nearly a full year. We meet roughly twice a month.

The lone PC who started the campaign and is still alive is now 14th level. It remains to be seen if he will survive to the bitter end, which will probably be later this year.

Kid Socrates

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Final Fantasy: Apotheosis, with my original gaming group from back in high school, finished Session 14 two weeks ago. Final Fantasy: Revelations, a game with my girlfriend and one of my best friends, is on Session 4 tomorrow. Both are slated to go about 30-35, I think -- any longer and I think the game will lose something.

I ran around a 25-session World of Darkness game a long time ago. One problem we've had is that we're so much better with a game with a definite beginning and end than forever-continuing games. We've had a number of 3-to-5-session games. The FF games will be the long ones for me, 60-70 total, most likely. I expect to finish them over the next two years (weekly meetings, but with a player in law school, always subject to change).

My mind is blown by 400-500-session games. How do you REMEMBER all that stuff?

My old campaign had 21 sessions over the course of 6 months... the current one has had 8 over the course of the same time frame... bites what school can do to a good gaming schedule!


nemmerle said:
I know a lot of people probably don't keep count, but in keeping notes for a story hour we have been counting and I am amazed when I think of the (to me) staggering number.

We have played 91* sessions in 4 years (we started Febraury 2001). We have played basically every other week (it comes out to ever 16 days or so) for all that time - and the average session length being about 5 hours that is 455 hours of gaming or almost 20 days!

So what are your stats like?

My longest campaign ever was a WFRP campaign that ran from 1986 - 1990. My current campaign is 16 months old with 34 sessions averaging 4 hours or so in length. I was a TPK addict for a while there ;)


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The last campaign I played in went for more than 100 sessions, one a week with a handful of breaks, probably in the vicinity of 650 hours total.

The campaign I'm currently GMing has run for five sessions now, about 28 hours.


Rodent of Uncertain Parentage
My campaign started in November of 1995, and has run 175 times -- about twice every three months. It's been the same continuing plot with (mostly) the same characters. They started at first level, and now range from 13th to 15th.

When I first started planning things in the summer of '95, I worried that my plot would run out of material after a year. Guess I shoudn't have worried. :)


Cor Azer

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My current face-to-face game has had 65 sessions over the last 2 years. Started weekly and then dropped to every second week a bit over a year ago. We generally play for about 4-5 hours at a time. A few characters and players came and went during the time, but just recently the original party with original characters has reunited.


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Most of our campaigns last about 30-50 sessions(since 3rd edition came out).
I just started a C&C game and we just completed our 6th session last night.This is the most fun that I have had running a game in a long time, and have hopes for a long campaign.


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We're coming up on session 50 in a campaign that is just over 4 years old. Typically, we play every other week, with breaks over the summer and holidays when people are less available. And we had one break from this campaign for another campaign that lasted almost a year. So I guess technically, the current one is only 3 years old...


My Scarred Lands game has run for 69 sessions over 2.5 years. I keep a spreadsheet for XP, so it's been easy for me to track so far. We play every week (barring RL commitments and weather related problems) for about 3 hrs per session.


I actually number my sessions (each session is a word doc). We started in October 2003, and we just finished the 14th session yesterday. We had a few side-sessions with just one PC, but those don't drastically change the count.

We play no more than once a month. We're trying for a 3-year story arc, so it's a bit ambitious.


War Golem

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My homebrew D&D campaign started Oct. 13, 2000 and continues today. 120 sessions so far, about 4-5 hours per session.... so say 550 hours or so. Party currently averages around 15th level. Sights firmly set on epic-level play, but no rush (obviously).

Session log is here, if anyone's curious:

War Golem


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We have played 81 sessions since August '01. We play every second monday, with gaps for holidays.

The PC's are now about 12th level, but fairly strong for their level. I usually throw EL 16-18 encounters on them for the tough fights.

We also play between sessions on email. The intensity varies a lot, and was probably at its height in year 2 and 3. My archive now have 8943 mails in it, an average of about 7/day.


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