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D&D 5E How much spare gold does your character you have?


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With folks often saying they don't have enough to spend gold on, I was wondering just how much spare gold your character has (and at what level)? Who's carrying around a big wad of cash, and how big is it?

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One group is level 6 (on average) Most players have about 700 gold worth of valuables that they can buy stuff with.
The second group is about 13th to 14th level and they are relatively rich. Most characters have about 20k (and some have more) to spend their money on just about anything they can fancy.


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My level 9 Druid had about 1000 gp on hand, but that campaign had magic item shops, so she was carrying some 6000 gp of those alone. The level 7 Barbarian in the same campaign had about 1100 gp on him, and some 1500 on items.

My level 7 Cleric in another campaign had 0, we only got a big loot stash once and the Ranger/Paladin duo grabbed it while no one was looking.


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The two more active D&D games I am playing in both have parties that tend to pool their funds.

My 4th level dwarven rogue in Rime of the Frostmaiden has 15 gp to his name. The party war chest has maybe a couple hundred gold in it. The guy doing the accounting seems to like to pay everyone out when we get about 700 in the war chest.

My 9th level gnome artificer, if we were to split up the pooled party funds, would have about two thousand on hand.


With folks often saying they don't have enough to spend gold on, I was wondering just how much spare gold your character has (and at what level)? Who's carrying around a big wad of cash, and how big is it?
In the campaigns I am playing right now:

#1 11th level Rogue/Wizard no spare gold.
#2 4th level Rogue no spare gold.
#3 5th level Rogue/Cleric I have about 2k gold which is more than I need. I don't have anything I could spend money on that I want.
#4 4th level Rogue/Fighter, no spare gold. My fighter is still walking around in scale because she can't afford any better.
#5 7th level Rogue/Ranger I have about 10,000 gold. We also have a bunch of magic items but none I can use effectively.
#6 12th level Wizard no spare gold.
#7 5th level Fighter/Ranger no spare gold

I am also DM on 3 campaigns (currently 9th, 4th and 13th level). None of them have any spare gold. The 9th level characters are mostly still mostly using starting weapons and armor.


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Our 9th level group accumulated over 50,000 gp in coins, gems, and art objects.

EDIT: It's a group of 6 so that's around 8,300 gp per character.


in one campaign we are currently 9th level and have about 15000gp total among the party, and while we can buy magic items from travelling merchant we have more gold than we can spend.
in another campaign we are 6th level and each player have about 1000-1500gp
In the last campaign in in, we are 4th level and I have about 600gp, which I'm saving to buy a half-plate.


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My last campaign ended with the party members having 5 million gold and seven magic items. Each. The one player who irl grew up in a family where good behavior was expected but never really rewarded announced that he had died and gone to heaven.
EDIT - campaign ended at 8th level.

Last campaign as a PC? Campaign ended with each PC having only 50 gold to their name and no magic items whatsoever. The girl playing the barbarian actually looked through her notes and determined that over the course of the campaign, we had each received a total of only 400 gold.
EDIT - Campaign ended at 7th level.


In a fairly generous campaign, I think we hit a peak of about 40,000 gold for 5-6 players around level 14. However a number of items were magic items dropped as loot, so never really became part of the gold currency valuation.

In a much less generous campaign, we peaked around 6000 gold for 6 players at level 10 (group funds, plus wages for a ship's crew). Almost all gear of any significance was purchased, and spending 3000 gold for an item involved a group discussion to agree it was worth using up the majority of the communal funds for one person. We also had just hit a point where our cash cow (the merchant ship) was about to become a liability rather than a source of income.

In a third campaign, we struggled to buy a few diamonds for Resurrection material at level 14 (because we usually needed to cast Resurrection at least once per session). Money was almost non-existent.


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At 11th level as a party of five in an Ancient Greece theme game we have about 15K between us not including another 1K worth of diamonds for material components. Or we did until we came across the king of a city-state whom had a treasury with magic items he was willing to part with for coin, and now we have like 400 gold.

That's not really a low gold game, we just spent it on thing in-game, from bribes to outfitting a stronghold to feeding a neighborhood and generating goodwill. You know, all the stuff that people who say "there's nothing to spend money on" completely ignore because what they are really saying is "3.x and 4e had magic items as part of the character advancement mathematics so had a magic item economy and I have been trained that gold only has value if it directly adds to my character sheet by those editions", but often don't know that's what they are saying.

In Avernus there was precious little material treasure, so we had next to nothing once we went there. That went up to 13th.

In CoS, until we just hit the big treasure room in Castle Ravenloft one session befgore the end we were having problems buying mundane equipment at 8th. But that's also rather campaign dependent.

In a completed campaign, 1-7, we went between riches and poor many times, as we got rewards and then spent it. I think 5000gp was the most, but at like 4-5th level that's a good deal.

My 17th level cleric has about10,000 gp of "treasure," but almost all of it is material components for spells. Actual liquid cash is less than 500 gp, but I also have almost no expenses either.

I don't remember exactly where my 2nd level warlock is at, since I left the session before loot was divided. At the start of the last session, I was the rich one in the party with 57 gp. This was because my background gave me 50 gp to start with (Mountain's Witness from Midgard). I know we just got a big payday for completing our first mission, so this will change.


L 12 Paladin 6,882 GP + 500 GP in diamond dust. L8 Cleric 104.5 GP + 1,000 GP in diamond dust (+ 20 Healing Potions). L8 Fighter 260 GP + 500 GP Diamond dust. L7 Wizard 270GP. L6 Fighter 271 GP. L6 Monk 265 GP. All from Adventurer's League, in the Before Times.



My 6th level Gnome Paladin of Garl Glittergold [Hootock "Hoots" Gloryhammer] had 142gp's to his name and just got his first magic item...a Potion of Greater Healing. Now I'm unstoppable! (which is probably a good thing, considering Hoots is currently in the City of Dis on the first plane of Hell trying to track down a Night Hag).


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With folks often saying they don't have enough to spend gold on, I was wondering just how much spare gold your character has (and at what level)? Who's carrying around a big wad of cash, and how big is it?
We came up with a banking system, so we didn't have to carry everything on us at all times. However, this did cause issues if we needed money/had too much to carry when we were far from a city.

The only 5E game I'm playing in is Rime of the Frostmaiden, and we're broke AF. Still only 4th level, but I don't think my recently-dead wizard ever had money to scribe any new spells. My replacement Warlock with the Ritual Caster feat (wizard) was able to raid a wrecked wizard's lab for scribing materials but certainly hasn't found enough money to spend on anything other than food or fuel yet.

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