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D&D General How old were you when you started playing D&D?

How old were you when you FIRST started played D&D?

  • Under 10 years old

  • 10 to 12

  • 13 to 15

  • 16 to 17

  • 18 to 21

  • 22 to 25

  • 26 to 30

  • 31 to 39

  • 40 to 59

  • 60 or older

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I was 11 and played in someone's game they 'invented' (took the BECMI rules and rewrote it, saying it was their own). Didn't know it was an official game till 12 when I found Dragon in my middle school library. :)
I'm hitting 44 this year.

Dr Magister

Playing actual D&D, I started when I went to uni at 18. I already owned the Advanced Fighting Fantasy books, but had never had a chance to really use them.

I'm now 37, 38 in a couple of months.


I was 29 in January 1984, so almost exactly 37 years ago. If math still works the same way now, that makes me 66. Only 600 years to go, and I'll have you all worried!

That day sticks out in my head, as in the morning my family held the funeral for my paternal grandmother, who made it to age 97, and in the afternoon I sat down to roll the polyhedral dice for the first time. Spent part of the session using a crayon to fill in numbers on the dice. That's kind of equivalent to cuneiform on clay tablets ...

Some years later, I was talking with a co-worker. Her son was only 5 years old when he first played D&D. I believe he's in his 40s now, and a few years ago I learned he's currently working at Google.

I must confess that I am green with envy of all of you who started playing when you were kids! <mutter-mutter, grumble-grumble> LOL


I believe I was 10 (I’m 50 now). Got the Holmes set for Christmas. The box had chits instead of dice, we had to go back to the Teddy Bear toy shop (in the mall) to get the dice. The d20 I got was numbered from 0 to 9 twice, in two different colors. While we were there, I talked my dad into also getting two boxes of Grenadier lead minis (one of heroes, the other of monsters). When we got back home, my brother and I absconded our mom’s fabric measuring board (a folding 3 ft X 5 ft gridded thing) and turned it into a map (using sharpees) with a small castle in the center, a dungeon, wilderness and nearby maze to use the minis with.

we got in trouble for that, of course, but my brother and I used that board for adventures for the next couple of years...

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