How to create your very own demiplane...


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I was flipping through MotP and in the section on demiplanes it mentions that arcane and divine spells can create them, but it did not list the particular spells that do this. I vaguely recalled reading such a spell, but now I can't find it anywhere--PHB, R&R, MaoF--am I just missing something obvious? Or just (extra) crazy? What spell(s) create demiplanes?

Thanks for the help.


The spell genesis (Clr9, Sor/Wiz9) in Tome and Blood as well as Defenders of the Faith allows you to create tiny planes of your own, accessible only from the Ethereal or Astral Planes.



DarwinofMind said:
And it's only avalible to Clerics with the Creation Prestige Domain and to Psions. It's a very rare thing.
Stupid demiplanes full of talking crystals...:p

I just ruled that it was a 9th level doohicky available to any cleric, wizard, or psion. I like demiplanes too much to limit them at all.