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Really good.
Curse of Strahd: The Ruins of Berez.

The battle with Baba Lysaga and her hut/scarecrows worked out amazingly well. Everyone had a cool moment(s) in the battle.
Honestly, the entire adventure has been amazing. The heroes are have my lots of fun and are basically terrified every session.

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My very last session was actually a family affair with my husband GMing an OSRish game he created. My daughter, son and 10 year old grandson were also playing. My grandson created an elf wizard, who actually looks like a dwarf(don't ask me why😂). It was fun letting him make decisions. He was freaked out by the undead and then so excited when we defeated them. He has made friends with a goblin bard, and can't wait to play again
My son is planning to GM Magical Kitties for all of us next, and grandson has his cat ready to go.

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Last session was tuesday. Started in a dungeon from ToA, the only "puzzle" was that they had to walk through carrying someone piggy-back. Despite my hints they ended up over-thinking it which led to them getting shocked, flamed and sliced multiple times (leading to them over-thinking more).

They got through it, were ambushed by goblins when exiting, and managed some clever shenanigans to avoid their tracker getting executed.

Hilariously, they then walked into the jungle, and their first random encounter were three giant scorpions which almost killed one of them.


For D&D, our last session was probably over a month ago (we have a mix of adults and teens, and with them starting school, we're on a short break).

I'm running Reclaiming Blingdenstone. They had already accomplished 3 of the 6 tasks before that session, and this session was mostly role playing and problem solving, which was a nice contrast to the previous session when they fought a wight and his minions. For this particular session, they took some svirfneblin supplies to trade for weapons and other gear to help them prepare for being able to defend themselves once they've reclaimed their underground home area.

Non D&D related, we had a great game of Warhammer 40k between Space Marines and Death Guard chaos marines. It came down to the last couple of models remaining before the battle was won, and it was pretty intense.
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In my Eberron campaign the players ventured into the Mournland for the first time. With the new Eberron sourcebook still a couple of months out, I've homebrewed my own rules for Living Spells. Casters roll 1d20 whenever they cast a spell, and on a natural 1, after the spell takes its normal effect, it comes to life, acting with malicious intent until slain.

Living spells have AC equal to 10 + spell level + caster's spellcasting modifier. They use the caster's spellcasting modifier to their saves, and have 1d6 + spellcasting modifier hit points per level (cantrips just get the modifier). The only action they can take is to re-cast themselves.

Three spells went live during the course of the game. The first was a Word of Radiance cantrip which caused some minor issues. The second one I rolled - it was a Lightning Bolt blasted out by a Glyph of Warding trap. Could have been very nasty if not for a timely Dispel Magic.

The last one was in a fight between the party and a pair of stone golems - already a nasty fight at their level. The cleric cast Spiritual Weapon at 4th level, and it went live.

With six potential targets (including the golems) I rolled randomly for the spell each round - and it ended up attacking the paladin every single time. He was the only character to drop to 0 hit points that encounter.

All things considered, successful field test.


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Awesome! First session of Dragon Heist with three players brand new to TTRPGs playing after hours at work on a Friday. Everyone used D&DB for their character sheets, which really helped everyone reference what their characters could do quickly and kept the game moving and focused on the action.

Had a couple of nail biting fights, a extremely tense moment when the Tabaxi Monk decided to steal a trinket from a shopkeeper (and was successful on a great roll), and ended by taking a Gazer hostage with the intent of ransoming it back to get more information on the quest.

The new players had an amazing time and a couple of other people who just watched the first session now want to play in the second!

In the words of one of my players...

Craziness: illusory ape, running in the dark, running into a mirror, gnolls and more gnolls. and then more gnolls. gnolls fighting afformentioned illusory ape, fighting in the dark, spider climbing, flaming sphere/spears, albino apes (real but undead), a pc becoming king of the undead (for a minute), giant otter pelt (2400gp valuation), mad scientist medical instruments (8100gp value).

oh and brains. brains in jars. and one talks and casts spells, and may or not be evil.

I messed up some of the rules for illusions, but my mess up ended up resulting in a ridiculously fun session... so all good. It comes close, if not beats the love potion / giant lizard session.


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The last session I attended was a Session 0 for a Cyberpunk-ish Nigh-Apocolyptic Supers game. It's intended to be tactically heavy, using Champions Hero System 6E which no one has played though we have some Champions vets around. (I was running Champions in '83, but haven't played in well over a decade. Most of my experience was as a player usign the Big Blue Book.)

It's odd - the DM normally likes very narrative games as a player, and the highly tactical game came from them as a surprise. I hope this isn't just a short term "scratching an itch".

The world borrows from Altered Carbon and some other late-cyberpunky settings. If you recognize any others, please don't spoil it for me. Put it in a spoiler tag. People basically screwed the Earth up big time, is on an irrevocable (?) course for disaster. Basically (and we have little information about exactly how - I expect it to be a plot point) an AI stepped in and united the nations. During that time the technology advanced so that what made a person them could be recorded and transmitted to different bodies. Allowing resurrection, and "resleeving" (a la Altered Carbon) yourself into different bodies. Mankind basically created colony ships that will take a century to get anywhere, filled with our best and brightest in cryosleep, who would set up receivers at the far side for the rest of humanity living on doomed Earth to join them.

Also as part of this, supers emerged at some point in the past, before the AI, but they were ill equipped to fix the real problems (racism, greed, climate change, etc.) and basically went underground.

At a point after the colony ships were launched, the AI went dark. It was mother to everyone and all of the distribution systems and everything started to break down. It also controlled our ability to speak to the colony ships.

In the 20 years since that happened a lot of things like have/have-not divide, warlords, heck just widespread violence, have come to the forefront after being mostly suppressed during the AI-lead century.

So heroes are beginning to emerge again, and we're among them. The best and brightest have left, the stabilizing societal influences have broken down a generation before, the best of humanity, along with untold amounts of resources, have been poured into the colony ships that we can no longer talk to, and the Earth is already dying.

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As a referee they were able to defeat the evil white dragon Hoarfrost, recover the staff of the North and the last of the 5 swords for a tribe of the Ice Barbarians, and help overthrow the weak Jarl and his false shaman. They have helped free Vatun from his prison and one player converted to his worship. The old shamen they helped then was able to show them an ancient teleport circle and they went though the ritual to activate it...though the old shaman coughed during the recital and who knows if they are on target as they hurtle though the etheral towards their original destination.

In the backup campaign I play in we are near the end of the Tome of Annihilation. We are kind of stuck after
destroying the soul monger and slapping Ascerack around. Like Demogorgon in the OofA campaign I ran, he was kind of a joke and we slapped him around with 8th level PC. So I hope that was just a run up to the real end fight. But we are still stuck and must have missed something. We have some plans for next week to try and finish the campaign.
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The morning air was clear and crisp as the party set out from Penin, City of Marvels, on their trek to the ancient ruins of Forl, capital of the Kingdom of Agdarm during the Time of Titans, over a thousand years ago. Their first goal was to find Torknot, the Elder Treant who was thought to know the path to Forl.

A winding road snaked through the towering forests, swaying limbs dancing in the embrace of a strong wind from the north. They followed the signs to Torknot for several days, each one growing colder and shorter, until one night the silence was broken by the roars of a vicious pair of chimeras!

With decided speed, the dragonborn, Fang, rushed forth with hands in rapid motion, his golden tongue reciting practiced words, the powerful energies unleashing a wave of calming and friendly force. The chimera's heads bowed and twisted, roaring and growling in protest, trying to resist the druid's will. But slowly the monster fell before the mystical strength of the dragonborn's charm.

Shield held fast and sword bright, the barbarian, a champion of Penin, Lady Laziakka, sprang into action to face the second chimera. A she dashed ahead, the chimera spread its forelegs in defiance, the dragon-head unleashing a blast of fiery death. With her braced shield and strong legs, the high-elf leaped upwards, twisting in the air and escaping most of the searing-hot flames. She landed lightly with a balance earned by hours of practice in the trees of her homeland. Her sword darted and sliced, drinking the creature's blood with eagerness and feeding her rage. The lion-head snapped at the fighter, but her shield pushed it aside with a strength hidden beneath her delicate, elven frame. Distracted, Laziakka was unable to defend as the goat’s horns pierced her side and lifting her from her feet, drawing blood for blood.

A companion of decades, bonded in sisterhood of their race, moved to support the brave warrior. Thera, trained in the arcane traditions that mixed magic and war, pulled from the folds of her cloak a tiny glass rod entwined with fur string. Her hand reached high, elbow turning, as she pulled it down in a zig-zag, and from her dulcet lips rose the memorized chant, linking her to the elements. As her hand thrust forward, the glass rod shattered, the fur sparked, and a stroke of lighting split the darkness of night, the roar of quick thunder shaking the nearby trees. The bolt slammed into the side of the chimera, tearing into its wings and nearly slashing one asunder, burning its hind-quarters and rear legs.

Percy moved like Thera's lightning bolt! The human's speed was astounding as he leaped in bounds over the broken ground to join Laziakka in facing the remaining chimera. With a shout to focus his inner strength, Percy flew sidelong into the beast, his foot like a spear. The goat-head caved under the blow; its skull shattered. He landed and sprung, flipping backwards, his other foot plowing into the lion-head, forcing it up and backwards. Somehow, before he landed his flip, as his hands came around two quick jabs, striking the beast in the shoulder and left-front leg. The enormous, wicked creature nearly collapsed as its leg buckled.

The chimera lurched, the dragon-head facing mighty Laziakka and the lion-head eyeing the powerful monk. Even such a stupid monstrosity saw its death in those that stood before it. It had not heard its mate tearing their prey apart; no roar of flames, no roar of pride, only silence. With a deep inhale, the chimera turned and launched itself into the night sky, thinking to escape while it still had enough strength to fly.

But these heroes knew the evil of chimeras and would not suffer to let one escape. Dropping her sword, Laziakka pulled a javelin from the sheath on her back. Her figure turned as she threw it, propelling it with blazing speed. It speared the monster's belly and it bellowed in pain. Before the first has struck true, a second shaft flew after the first, lancing the chimera's lightning-charred hind-leg.

The beast wavered; its injured wing barely able to support the strong one in keeping it aloft. Thera was too far back now for her lightning to reach, so she invoked a far simpler spell, an incantation known to her since she first began her studies in the elves Fabled Hall in Kanen. But she place the power of her strongest magics into the spell, her fingers tapping the air before her, motes of green energy forming. They flew in flashes of light, bursting in a barrage of tiny explosions at the chimera nearly a hundred feet in the air above, tearing its wing from its back!

The broken monster fell, plummeting to the ground, as thousands of pounds of flesh, muscle, and bone spilled out. The black ichor of the chimera's blood wilted the grass, turning it black as the night sky above. The heroes turned as a roar reminded them of the other chimera to be dealt with, but their grimaces turned to grins as they saw the robust Fang sitting astride the creature's back. He smiled at the three of them, "What took you so long?"

(This was just a random encounter... what happened when we reached the ruins would be a couple chapters.)

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