D&D Movie/TV How was your theatre? Mine was full Sunday.


I went to the early screening thanks to Amazon Prime (I still hate the company), and there were 20-30 people in the theater. Personally, I count that as a good showing given it's was a prescreening with limited availability and my city doesn't have the biggest geek community.

The people seemed to enjoy it, though, as there were quite a few laughs and cheers throughout the movie.

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Well, that was fun
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Almost empty, but we went at 10am on opening day (today) as we wanted to talk about it on the podcast this afternoon. I'm sure the evening showings had plenty of people.

Half full last week in a preview show.
I was pleasently surprised, as when I booked it was nearly empty.

Considering that I saw the first advertising in germany just one day before, I think this was a good sign.

I spread word everywhere that it is a good movie, so I expect the 3 dubbed + 1 OV rooms to fill soon enough.

Now that word of mouth is coming out that it's actually pretty good, I think ticket sales will certainly increase.

I know I was waiting before blowing $40!
When I talked with my fellow collegues, I noticed, that the first d&d movie has left scars. Same goes for a review in a big online newspaper.
It is very well possible, that the movie has a slightly lower start than other movies because of what happened over 20 years ago...

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