D&D 5E HTML Character Sheet?

The Souljourner

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Anyone have an HTML version of the 5E character sheet? I don't need to be able to edit it in the page or anything fancy, just a static page for display on a campaign website.

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If you cannot use the pdf, try saving the pdf as an image. Most computers have some means of either saving or printing a pdf to an image file such as png.

The Souljourner

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Sorry, I didn't make myself clear enough. I meant that I want an HTML version that I can use as a template and populate with values from the PCs in my game.


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I'm the author of the 5e sheet on roll20 and I wouldnt recommend using it outside of roll20.

It's tightly integrated with the features and facilities that roll20 provides and likely wont work well (or possibly at all) outside of this.


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I had a go at doing this myself but gave up. You may succeed better than me.

Putting the 5e character sheet as a background image to an html page is the easy part. Getting the text fields to line up with the fields in the image is a pain because you find they are not regularly spaced and you are doing absolute pixel positions on a separate div for every darned field.

You might be able to do it if you have a WSIWYG editor that allows you to drag text fields around and position them over the image, then export the resulting page as HTML. Something like MS Powerpoint, perhaps. Haven't tried.

As I said, I gave up and created my own HTML character sheet style that looks nothing like the 5e ones, to use as the back end of a homebrew character generator. I then print the html as PDF out of the browser and get something like this. I can tell you how to do the html if you like, though it's probably not what you want.

Best of luck, anyway.

The Souljourner

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Yeah, I was going to do it from scratch in pure HTML/CSS so I don't have to position stuff on top of an image or anything. It's probably next to impossible, but hey, where's the fun if it's easy, right? ;)

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