I’m not getting email notifications.


Once A Fool
Well, more specifically, not from being quoted, anyway.

I do get them from private conversation updates (at least, I hope I still am – they were being sent to my spam folder).

Hopefully, I’ll get them from “message” summoning, ‘cause that’s kind of important.

Would anyone mind testing that by “message”-tagging me?

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Once A Fool
That used to cause problems, back in the day, if the user you were looking for had a name that included part of another. The system would just summon the other user.

For instance, if their were a user named “Run”, summoning me with an @ tag instead of the bracketed method would have instead summoned “Run.” Also happened all the time with multiple-word user-names. Many’s the time I was summoned in place of Rune Explorer.

Time will tell if it’s still an issue, I guess.

(The @ tag auto-summon also created interesting results when we got the WOTC migration and a bunch of people were referring to twitter users by starting with an @.)


For me I'm not getting emails because somehow my email address was changed, a "+xf" was added. I tried to fix it, but then it says that email address is already in use. :mad:

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