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D&D 5E "I’m that DM. . ."


Morkus from Orkus
I'm that DM who doesn't prep properly because I kept procastinating, but manages to nonetheless convince the players that the entirely winging-it course I've sent them on is some sort of in-depth ultra-detailed deal I spent days on. They still think some stuff I made up on the spot involving a tower in a forest and alhoon was part of an elaborate subplot.
This. I do the same thing. Including having thrown in an Alhoon this campaign!

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I'm that DM who has 200+ pages of typed notes for my current campaign (it'll go on the DM's Guild eventually like Castle Dracula did). If the party has a choice, I usually have something prepped for the top 3 most likely choices they'll make.

I've been told I'm "hyper-prepared."

Next game I'm hoping to back down to <50 pages of notes for the entire campaign including magic items.


I'm that DM with the evil reputation. I don't hold back, and I don't do "encounter design." I build a realistic setup that can be well harder than the player's expectations and abilities. Conversely, I'm also that DM who lets good ideas work, allowing the PCs to entirely bypass challenges and sometimes even the BBEG.

I think this says it all
This completely threw me off because of an incident back when I first started as a DM, but it's the same kinda thing I'd do. My incident involved DMing a PvP duel where one player was allowed to use a useless NPC that had no abilities or attacks. That player had a mech, and put the NPC in it to use the mech's attacks. That player's name was Steve...


Tension, apprension, and dissension have begun
I'm that DM that has the PCs meet the BBEG in the first session but they dont know it until they reach level 10+.
In my games, if they find out at level 10, I figured it out when they were like level 8. 😆 That's not criticism, I promise.

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