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I draw the occasional D&D map

Over the 9 years that I've been drawing maps, I've posted the occasional thread and map to these forums. With all the hoopla going on over Patreon right now (which I use extensively), I figured I could start posting highlights and updates of my work again.

I draw my maps using technical felt-tipped pens on a variety of paper. Lately I've moved almost entirely over to using 32lb white laser printer paper for my work (Hammermill's "Laser Print" paper with the butterfly on the package). The resulting maps are scanned, reduced to pure B&W, sometimes cleaned up a bit in Photoshop (to get rid of minor mistakes and debris on the page), and released at 1200 dpi on my blog ( rpgcharacters.wordpress.com )

The end result is stuff like this:

The Banshee's Tower:
View attachment banshees-tower-patreon-web.png

Fury of the Emerald Hawk
View attachment fury-of-the-emerald-hawk-patreon-web.png

Home of the Master (redrawn from module I1 - Dwellers of the Forbidden City)

Stariphos Bay

Wreck of the Wight's Shadow
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My project this week is to expand on the maps provided with the classic AD&D D1 adventure. It included a sample tertiary, secondary and primary passage environment map for running encounters in. My goal is to bring each up to five samples instead of one.

The first set of five tertiary passages is drawn as of this evening, just needs to be scanned.


Thomas Bowman

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How come you draw on paper and then scan it in? I draw directly onto a jpeg file using my Paint program, I can edit easily enough and copy and paste as much as I want. For instance, I don't have to draw every single 5-foot square or 10-foot square that is on your map. If I make a mistake on paper, I can try to erase it, but I can never erase the lines I made completely, with a jpeg I can!

Because that's how I draw. I like using pens, I like the tactile experience of drawing, and the ability to draw anywhere I am. I like the permanence of ink. I like the physical artifact created. I like that my work has a distinct look and feel from my creative methods.

When I started drawing and posting work a lot, I was on disability and nearly homeless and the only computer I had was a $140 netbook. Working directly digitally wasn't an option whereas ink on paper was. I drew maps on whatever paper I had at hand.

And obviously it has made an impact on others. So I keep at it, and keep improving my skills.
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This week's first map is the thorp of Rosnar Hill that I drew up.


The patriarch of the cult of the White Archons retired to a tiny little thorp built up around a small bridge over an almost equally small river. He spent a small sum on fixing up the old church where he was first inducted into the order of the White Archons, and a significantly larger sum on a small tower on a hill overlooking the river and the thorp.

The town took on his name and became Rosnar Hill and is growing ever-so-slowly. The central point in town, just west of the river and attached to the bridge, is the “new bridge inn” – a quiet and rustic establishment that serves decent lamb, fair beer, and an excellent imported red wine from the vinyards of Angel’s Dell.

Thanks to my amazing supporters on Patreon, this map can be downloaded at 1200 dpi for personal and/or commercial use from the blog at https://rpgcharacters.wordpress.com/2017/12/12/rosnar-hill/


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These are fantastic as always. I frequently rip off your style when I draw my own dungeons or just doodling at work. Never with the same level of skill or imagination. I love how they are completely functional and let the game unfold without being cluttered and messy. You could prep them for the Roll20 market place or whatever fantasy grounds has and try and make some $! Love your work!

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Have run across your maps several times before, and always been amazed by the quality and imagination. Where do you usually start? With a doodle, some random lines? Or do you usually have most of it mapped out in your head before you put the pen to the paper?

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