D&D 5E I made a Revised Fighter to fix the martial/caster gap - Feedback?


As long as i get to be the frog
The sorcerer was dropping fireballs and other damaging spells left and right. The fighter's damage exceeded EVERYONE else's by a wide margin., over the course of multiple fights. Is it absolutely dispositive? No, but it certainly showed a lot.

There were different issues exposed by the play report. For example - a staff of the magi (or power) WAY OP for a sorcerer or wizard. It allows them to blast and cast almost indiscriminately and still keep their personal spell reserves for other things
can you link?

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Dusty Dragon
Perhaps one of the best "alt fighter" I've seen is the Zouave (I helped a tiny bit, but it's 99% not my work).

This if not for 5e, it's for the GLOG, a "light" D&D branch that only has 4 levels

The Zouave is an old campaigner who's returning to a life of adventure after a long break. (I suppose they are level 1 because they are "rusty"?). The zouave has "fighter like" powers yes, but what they also have that I think should be an inspiration are "tall tales" - war stories, crazy stuff that happened during their previous life as a soldier. Based on those experiences, the Zouave has a collection of tricks, knowledge and powers that can help the adventuring group outside of combat:

I hope it may inspire :)


As long as i get to be the frog
Here you go.

There is a lot to wade through initially and it cuts off abruptly (never finished) but it got through enough to get a pretty good idea. @Flamestrike ran it.

I made a spreadsheet at some point. Will have to see if I can find it.
It appears I’m blocked by someone on that page and so cannot see much if the content.

If you have the summary spreadsheet I’d be interested.

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