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[IC] JM's A Bit of Trouble


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Everett not so subtly sniffs himself, pauses for a moment to analyze the scent, and then shrugs. "I'll take that as a compliment." He says.


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"I can not speak for the education of my companions, however, in my brief observance of your tribe you are no different than any other race. Even among the elves there are secluded tribes that choose to remain what so called civilized individuals would call primitive conditions. Man is the most uncertain variable. There are those who's first thought was to assume you the enemy and others willing to give you a chance. Clearly similar sentiment exists within your tribe.


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Brother Pelegon lets out a content "Aaaaahh" after finishing his slaste, and for a moment he stands still, not trembling at all, looking at nothing.

Then the biggest grin appears on his face, and the monk turns towards his drinking partner. "Now that's what I'm talking about! Best stuff I've had in, well, forever maybe."

He glances around at the others, then turns to the lizardfolk almost conspiratorially, and whispers, "Can I convince you to let me bring some of it on my journey?"
Surina eyes the Slaissst with an interest born of her family's winemaking. She shakes her head at Brother Pelegon's downing it in one gulp. A drink should be savored, appreciated. Then again, maybe he did so because the taste wasn't to his liking.
When Srellik comments about most warm bloods looking down on lizardfolk, she tries--mostly successfully--not to look smug, but secretly she hopes some of her companions have learned a lesson.


When he hears the translation, the lizardman who doesn't speak Common smiles at Pelegon and barks a command to a server. In a thick accent he says, "Give. Yesss." The server returns a little later with a small ceramic jug with a stopper on top. You guess it holds 6-8 similarly sized drinks. It weights 3 pounds.

As the feast winds down, a younger lizardwoman wearing armor enters and is introduced as Chief Warden Wesspra. "Come," she says. "I will give you a description of the usurper's holdings."