the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aanzu ignores the giantess and listens to Lyllie, shrugging.

"Birds sing in the distance while dragons eat," he says, using a Sethmandu saying that means insignificant creatures are not worthy of attention. The prince then turns his attention to the opened gate, peering into the thick fog beyond.

"Mysteries are no mysteries when explored," he states before stepping through the door, holding his greatsword before him.

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Archon Basileus

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"Mysteries are no mysteries when explored," he states before stepping through the door, holding his greatsword before him.

The giantess seems suddenly engaged in a personal dispute with the prince. Perhaps something about her war-like behavior connects with the prince's own honorable posture, or perhaps it is some obscure loss of words, but she launches several provocative glances towards the creature as both of them step inside the mists.

"I'm beginning to appreciate the merits of your uncharted Sethmandu" - she smiles, less than gently. "An entire land to state the obvious." - as she mocks the prince, he finds more important things on which to focus. He swears he heard some of his proverbial 'birds' frolicking inside the mists with hurried, bootless steps. The others realize it as well. It is as if something scouts from within the fog, trying not to reveal its position. And it moves a lot like a rat - or a bunch of rats, to be more precise.
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Harfik Human Monk

Taking a mental notes about this Giantess as he listens into the bickering between the two Harfik remains silent.
As the door opens and the mist is reveled he advances, resting his hands briefly on Lillie and Thulwars shoulders. "Well done friends." and follows the other two into the new room cautiously, hands up and doing his best to keep his senses and mind open.


Lyllie flinches when Harfik touches her shoulder. Had he noticed? She wonders if she'll ever get used to the feeling of the touch of another; she'd spent so much time alone the idea of even the mildest of acquaintances was foreign to her. She brushed the feelings aside and focused on the fog-shrouded room.

"Easy," she says in gnomish, relying on the gift of her race to communicate with small animals, if indeed it was a small animal skittering about in the mist. "No good food here, just passing through. We're strong--don't make us show you. Clear a path"

[B]AC:[/B] 16; [B]HP:[/B] [COLOR=#FF000]52[/COLOR]/52
[B]Initiative:[/B] +3
[B]Saves:[/B] INT +7, WIS +5
[B]Passive Perception:[/B] 15
[B]Languages:[/B] Common, Gnomish, Sylvan, Druidic
[B]Skills:[/B] Arcana +7, Investigation +7, Nature +7, Perception +5
[B]Stats:[/B] Str 8 (-1), Dex 14 (+2) , Con 14 (+2), Int 18 (+4), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 11 (+0)
[B]XP:[/B]14,075 / 23,000

-[B]Inspiration[/B]? [[COLOR=#FF0000]X[/COLOR]] Yes, [ ] No

[B]Spell Save DC:[/B] 13/15
[B]Spell Slots:[/B] 4, 4, 3, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
[B]Slots Used:[/B] 2, 1, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0, 0
[B]Spells Prepared:[/B] (4/8) 
[*]1st Level: 1st Level: Healing Word (D), Entangle (D), Faerie Fire (D), Speak with Animals (D), Ray of Sickness, Color Spray, 
Mage Armor, Witch Bolt, False Life
[*]2nd Level: Blindness/Deafness, Ray of Enfeeblement, Misty Step
[/list](D) Druid Spells modified with Wisdom. All others are Wizard spells modified with Intelligence.

Tenser's Floating Disk, Find Familiar, Identify, Gentle Repose

Archon Basileus

First Post
As the heroes advance, the sounds of water become even clearer, as if the approached a set of fountains. The waters seem to repeat the same mass-like moving sound, just a few steps ahead, and indeed Harfik and Aanzu reach the edge of an old marble bath, where hot water bubbles up in expansive waves, releasing a copious amount of Steam. They can see the surface of the water, but almost nothing else. The sounds suggest more pools such as this, towards the sides and up ahead. The waters are miraculously clear, even after years of abandonment. Odds are they stayed like this on account of the pulse that keeps them stirring around the pool. The edges, though, are covered in the strange mold they've seen all around. Their feet are lightly placed over it as they reach the edges of the fountain. They keep their footing, but any forceful actions might be difficult around here, since the floor might slide quite a lot.

A few steps behind, Lyllie tries to communicate with local beasts. She overhear rumors of small creatures vanishing into the mist, unwilling to fight them even before her stern warnings. There's a smooth, primitive voice coming from another kind of creature, though, that she can barely identify as animal. She captures a mass of mumbling noises coming from the center of the room, as well as its edges, almost as if a low chant, paced in hypnotic waves. She can't tell exactly what produces it, though.

The small steps spread all around, but the feeling of being observed still doesn't go away.

The giantess stops by the side of the others, contemplating the room with a static stare. As the others approach, Icosa's keen eyes detect a pattern on the mists movement, as if they were climbing towards the roof and escaping through vents, carefully placed up. Such is his distraction that beneath his feet he suddenly feels a slight movement on one of the stone plaques, and as the thing slides down a few steps, the gates behind the group roar once more, brought together with haste as they shut violently against one another! The mere sound is enough to nearly deafen the group, and Lyllie feels as many small beasts scram to corners, trying to hide! Aanzu and Harfik, being closer to the mists, realize they change their pattern all of a sudden, as if something within them became aware of their presence. The mists roll over themselves, curling above the surface of the waters, and fold into themselves, becoming calmer once more, proceeding with their ascendant movement.

The cries of a certain child fill the room once more, as a distressed mother tries to calm down her baby.

[If anyone closer to the doors want to try for the other side, roll acrobatics. Of course, considering the size and mass, a mistake would be... lethal.]

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: No one asked the goblin anything? Tink is still carrying it blindly, Thulwar was occupied with the door and simply forgotten it. If no one wants anything to do with it,
Tink puts the goblin down. Thulwar will not kill harmless creature.

Archon Basileus

First Post
(That depends on you guys... Everyone had time to move forward: Thulwar opened, Aanzu and Harfik moved forward, Icosa went forward and I'm controlling Yttrian till we hear from [MENTION=8858]hafrogman[/MENTION]. As for the goblin, he'd be my next question, really.)

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the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aanzu tenses as the door slams shut. He gets into a battle stance, his mighty greatsword raised over his head, ready to swing at any threat.

Quietly he scans the area, paying particular attention to the strange shapes of the mist, attempting to figure out what they reveal about the movement of those within.

OOC: Perception check to see if Aanzu can figure out what and where the creature(s) are: [roll0]


Harfik Human Monk

Harfik stops at the edge of the pool searching the mists, noticing the shapes of shadows and swirling movements in the mist. Thankful for the goggles he wears, while also put on edge by how much relies on them working their magic.

At the slam of the door behind him his heart starts pumping blood furiously to his limbs and his head darts around at any movement. His body weight shifting to his back leg, spear ready, free hand out in front of him palm forward, knees bent like springs.

With passive perception of 19 is there anything more that I see or hear in regards to these small animals or this shadow we see moving?
If not Perception: [roll0]
Action - Holding an attack action, Trigger - Something attacks us.

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