"Could you tell us more of this last group that came this way? Your people stay in this place even with the constent threat of these undead all these years? Why not seek out another home or allies to help in your fight? Surely the Teraphim could help."

Harfik does his best to keep the woman talking, trying to learn all he can about their situation.

"You're not an orc. At least not only an orc. Are all your people capable of surviving underwater or each has specific...hm...evolutions."
"None of us can be called by old names and old conceptions any more... We're... new. We're... one people. The People. The Blind." - she says in a pragmatic way. "Through Teraphim efforts, our differences were taken away. they limited us, pitched us against each other. Now, devoid of minor idiossincrasies of mind and body, we became one, as in the beginning."

"This one is curious how such an arrangement would benefit him and the lizards,"
"The undead cut our paths, stop us from going down. They corner us. They'll do the same to you. If we join forces, we can reach the lower areas. We can find our ways back into zones that are now entirely out of reach. Maybe we can even go outside and rekindle alliances with your leaders" - she alludes to Harfik's announced purpose for the expedition.

"Could you tell us more of this last group that came this way? Your people stay in this place even with the constent threat of these undead all these years? Why not seek out another home or allies to help in your fight? Surely the Teraphim could help."
"The Teraphim that you bring is the first one we meet in decades. We thought they had abandoned us... For good..." - something jumps in the back of Harfik's mind, reaching out for Aanzu as well. Somehow, they sense that the same happenstance reached the Captain, back in the base camp. She lies. The Blind met the Teraphim. They might not recognize them, but the Teraphim Watch has confronted them during these years. And they were not friendly.

"We tried to leave, several times. But the dead always attempt to keep us here. In the past, we sought an alliance with the Valley Dragons. Only one paid us heed. But the dead overwhelmed her, and they've cut our path to the Valley. Whispers speak that she's with the dead, now."

"We have only two ways out, now: through the undead city or by means of a Teraphim artifact. That is, if the Teraphim can help us bring it back to life..." - she studies the party.
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OOC: on my phone and limited as to what I can do but Harfik is going to try to dig deeper into his mind to try to get more information about that meeting. What happened, who was the aggressor, how bad was it, and why would she want to be dishonest about it. I can roll in the morning when I get to a computer if needed or roll for me.
OOC: on my phone and limited as to what I can do but Harfik is going to try to dig deeper into his mind to try to get more information about that meeting. What happened, who was the aggressor, how bad was it, and why would she want to be dishonest about it. I can roll in the morning when I get to a computer if needed or roll for me.
(I'll roll for you, no problem!)

Scavenging through his thoughts, Harfik manages to pull out more information about the encounters the Teraphim had with this species. The most prominent one involves a group of three scouts. They confronted the blind within a set of misty caves, probably not far from the heroes' current position. The creatures profited from the Teraphim lack of sight in the situation, ambushing them. A single survivor managed to escape, having only a faint glimpse of a blind mongrel. Other encounters were pretty much the same. Bodies weren't found. Equipment was lost. Little more's available, even within the captain's subconscious mind, though. Harfik grasps from the memories that the Blind tend to fight indirectly. If they manage to loot the bodies of the dead or capture anyone, they certainly knew of the Teraphim before this encounter. Odds are they did know... and ambushed the Teraphim entirely aware of their actions, during these years.

"The undead could present an obstacle to us," Icosa muses. "Is there a way to eliminate them completely?"
"As long as the rituals can be performed, they'll keep coming back. The only way to stop them is either by destroying their very souls or the means to their profane rituals." - says the shaman.

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"Let us proceed then. It seems that we all benefit from going down further into this facility. You seem to be an important person here with your people. I will ask that my friend Aanzu here stay close to you to protect you should we be attacked, we would want nothing bad to happen to you and will need your wisdom on this mission."
Harfiks words are honey, knowing that Aanzu can access his mind freely thinks the unspoken words. His intent is to have the Shaman go with them, and if she does and they do double cross us she is to be his hostage or if necessary victim.

"How quickly can you be ready to travel?"


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Aanzu's expression does not change, at least not visible to anyone without extended interaction with dragonborn. In fact, the prince does not respond at all, processing the information that Harfik both speaks aloud and makes clear in their minds.

Instead, Aanzu keeps his eyes on the shaman and waits for her reply to the monk's question.
"I'll consult our leaders... Rest. Prepare yourselves. Going down won't be easy." - she points out to one of the tents, her helpers aiding the heroes to their rest. She then turns, disappears into the murky waters and leave towards the back entrances to the caves.


[Ok, you've earned a short rest. You can use this time to scavenge smaller items, maybe convince the locals to offer you a few things for your alliance. Nothing too fancy, though. The place only has weird food and pellets, apparently.]

After an our or so, the shaman returns. She brings four other warriors. She's carrying a bag with her, ready to move out.

"We move silently. Gargan, Rookie and these four will help us. Be at the ready. If we are to cross the city, we'll certainly have to face opposition, sooner or later. One more thing: that machine you brought must stay back. It won't pass and it will denounce us." - she points out.

"The dead you faced are nothing compared to those we're likely to find down there." - she says on a cryptic tone.

[You have to decide what to do with the armor. Beyond that, you proceed to the passage, as follows.]

The small path once identified by Thulwar remains silent, thrown in the dark. The chants have stopped. One still should ask if this is a good thing... The seven Blind - the Shaman, Gargan, Rookie and the four scouts - study the noise, suspiciously. One by one, you cautiously go down the tunnel, dragging your bodies slowly, plunging more and more into the dark recesses of Mount Amberilan....


The tunnel ends in a stone platform, dug around a column as a perching watch. Beyond its half-walls, green lights and glimmering souls float around, faintly dissipating the surrounding darkness as they move. Fires burn against walls, windows appear against the overwhelming blackness of the cave... This chamber - this huge chamber - houses the massive mausoleum of the undead...

The Lost City.


Amidst the great extension of ruined stone houses, the Inner Sanctum rests beyond a half-destroyed wall, still preserving a spot of relevance, even amidst the decadence. A mass of lights and noise comes from there, as if all attentions are focused there.

Another massive tower rests at Southeast, entirely dark, but crowded with spirits of blue, deadly hue. Towards West, an old Golden gate rots away, unused and half-opened. Howls still come from the distance, but for now it seems safe to move about.

[Stealth everyone! Where do you go? And.... [MENTION=6855102]Greenmtn[/MENTION], your Count's Lady will hear about that. :p]

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Harfik takes advantage of his mental connection to the teraphim and fills his mind with a single thought for a moment. Break the armor, take a piece out, something so that it can not be used until we return and fix it

Harfik meditates during the wait, trying to familiarize himself with the area and listen to any sounds and voices that might be overheard.

"Let us make sure that we have food and water for this trip. is there anything else we need before we go?"

Harfik proceeds cautiously down the tunnelwith everyone else. at the other end he is first distracted and astounded by the sites of the cavern, then takes up a defensive stance keeping an eye out as the rest of the group exits the tunnel.

Once everyone is down he whispers to the shaman "This quiet is worrysome. Which way from here?"

OOC: Stealth [roll]1d20+3[/roll]
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Of course. Why would I get the roll right the first time. I can't wait for coyote code to be back up. Stealth [roll0]


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During the wait, Aanzu sits crosslegged and his sword in front of him, his eyes almost closed. He is at rest, but also very alert to these strange creatures. The dragonborn in particular distrusts the shaman and Gargan; one because she appears frail and harmless yet commands respect from the others, and the other for not telling them with whom he has been consulting.

When at last they start moving again, Aanzu makes sure he remains by the shaman's side at all times, his hand on his magnificent greatsword.

Upon seeing the vista of the Lost City, a barely audible gasp escapes the prince's mouth. Such an enormous place; buried beneath the mountain! And by the looks of it, inhabited still -- although maybe not by the living...

"The lizards need to avoid bumping into bones," he adds to Harfik's question, indicating his desire to prevent confrontations that could lure in even more adversaries.

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Stealth: [roll0]


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Thulwar feels right at home in these tunnels, no light is a natural state of The Deep. He wonders around, watching, studying and otherwise learning about their hosts. He feels safe enough, accompanied by the large machine and with his new found powers.

As they prepared for descent into the undead infested area, he draws the rune upon Icosas shield. "Here, this will keep you safe. And enable you to retaliate if hit."
However, once they entered the tunnels for real, his nature became obvious. He is silent, essentially invisible against the rock of the tunnel and with his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he shows no hesitation.

His machine, on the other hand, moves stealthily enough. But it is too large for some of the tunnels and its sides or head occasionally scrape against the walls as it squeezes through.


[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], Icosa has the following property on the shield
Repelling Shield (Complex Property): Over the course of a short rest, you inscribe this rune onto a normal sized shield or buckler as you expend a spell slot. The air around the shield takes on a distorted appearance. If someone defending with the shield is attacked and missed in combat, they may spend their reaction to block. This will deal 1d6 force damage per level of the spell slot to the attacker, and they must make a Strength saving throw (DC 12 + the level of the expended spell slot) or be knocked prone.
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Icosa observes the rune-drawing with some interest. Even without facial expression, he can convey things nonverbally through movement and position.

"Thank you," he says to Thulwar, when the work is done. If there is more to be said, it will wait until he has seen the modification in action.

Meanwhile, as the party attempts to creep around he reveals that his metallic construction, while not as loud or heavy as heavy armor on a human, is not designed for being quiet.

Stealth [roll0]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aanzu nods sagely. His warrior heart longs to face the challenge of so many foes, but he knows they do not stand a chance in all-out combat. They will have to pick their fights, on their own terms rather than the enemies'.

With another small nod, the dragonborn motions for the shaman to point the way through -- or to show she does not know it.