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Harfik takes advantage of his mental connection to the teraphim and fills his mind with a single thought for a moment. Break the armor, take a piece out, something so that it can not be used until we return and fix it

Harfik meditates during the wait, trying to familiarize himself with the area and listen to any sounds and voices that might be overheard.

"Let us make sure that we have food and water for this trip. is there anything else we need before we go?"

Harfik proceeds cautiously down the tunnelwith everyone else. at the other end he is first distracted and astounded by the sites of the cavern, then takes up a defensive stance keeping an eye out as the rest of the group exits the tunnel.

Once everyone is down he whispers to the shaman "This quiet is worrysome. Which way from here?"

OOC: Stealth [roll]1d20+3[/roll]
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During the wait, Aanzu sits crosslegged and his sword in front of him, his eyes almost closed. He is at rest, but also very alert to these strange creatures. The dragonborn in particular distrusts the shaman and Gargan; one because she appears frail and harmless yet commands respect from the others, and the other for not telling them with whom he has been consulting.

When at last they start moving again, Aanzu makes sure he remains by the shaman's side at all times, his hand on his magnificent greatsword.

Upon seeing the vista of the Lost City, a barely audible gasp escapes the prince's mouth. Such an enormous place; buried beneath the mountain! And by the looks of it, inhabited still -- although maybe not by the living...

"The lizards need to avoid bumping into bones," he adds to Harfik's question, indicating his desire to prevent confrontations that could lure in even more adversaries.

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Stealth: [roll0]


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Thulwar feels right at home in these tunnels, no light is a natural state of The Deep. He wonders around, watching, studying and otherwise learning about their hosts. He feels safe enough, accompanied by the large machine and with his new found powers.

As they prepared for descent into the undead infested area, he draws the rune upon Icosas shield. "Here, this will keep you safe. And enable you to retaliate if hit."
However, once they entered the tunnels for real, his nature became obvious. He is silent, essentially invisible against the rock of the tunnel and with his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he shows no hesitation.

His machine, on the other hand, moves stealthily enough. But it is too large for some of the tunnels and its sides or head occasionally scrape against the walls as it squeezes through.


[MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION], Icosa has the following property on the shield
Repelling Shield (Complex Property): Over the course of a short rest, you inscribe this rune onto a normal sized shield or buckler as you expend a spell slot. The air around the shield takes on a distorted appearance. If someone defending with the shield is attacked and missed in combat, they may spend their reaction to block. This will deal 1d6 force damage per level of the spell slot to the attacker, and they must make a Strength saving throw (DC 12 + the level of the expended spell slot) or be knocked prone.
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Icosa observes the rune-drawing with some interest. Even without facial expression, he can convey things nonverbally through movement and position.

"Thank you," he says to Thulwar, when the work is done. If there is more to be said, it will wait until he has seen the modification in action.

Meanwhile, as the party attempts to creep around he reveals that his metallic construction, while not as loud or heavy as heavy armor on a human, is not designed for being quiet.

Stealth [roll0]


the magical equivalent to the number zero
Aanzu nods sagely. His warrior heart longs to face the challenge of so many foes, but he knows they do not stand a chance in all-out combat. They will have to pick their fights, on their own terms rather than the enemies'.

With another small nod, the dragonborn motions for the shaman to point the way through -- or to show she does not know it.

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