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Harfik Human Monk

Harfik speaks up.
"The answer to your question has changed much since we left our homes. No one has come here and returned to our lands tell about it since before the war." Harfik pauses for a moment.

"Our leaders asked us to come here to see who survives, and if old hatreds could be put to rest. We came here thinking we would find one people, the Teraphim, an old enemy, perhaps we would never return home. We are learning that 'inside the mountain' is as the outside. There are many peoples, each with it's own needs, motives and enemies."

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Aanzu's expression is unreadable as the orc shaman corrects him. He knows that his draconic heritage makes gauging his emotions difficult for the softskinned races, and he likes it that way.

Her tone is not confrontational, and the dragonborn hesitates for a moment whether he should find offense with her. Before he can decide, however, Harfik has started with his diplomatic words, and Aanzu contents to let the man do the talking.

He does not turn his eyes away from the shaman, but Aanzu does relax the grip on his sword. A little.

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"You are right about that... We are many, and not always our... interests... coalesce."
- the shaman steps out of the water, studying the arrivals with a bending head and open nostrils.

"These ones have come from the old steel walls, shaman..."
- Gargan explains. "They faced the assassin scouts. The dead are rising."

"They are..." - she responds. "And yet I think it's not entirely because of them... They've been upset for a while. The small ones spoke. Down below, the doors were opened, and the pure-bloods have entered the old complex." - she responds to Gargan as she approaches Harfik, rising her hands slowly, as if to touch his face. She stops a few inches from him, as if to ask for permission.

"The answer to your question has changed much since we left our homes. No one has come here and returned to our lands tell about it since before the war."

"Oh, friends... Sad, sad thing that no one returns! For you are the second group that passes through... Outsiders as well. We were not inclined to believe at first... They came, searching... In the name of a certain Wellington... And they went down. Through the accursed dead city. We warned them not to do it. But they did it anyway. Gargan guided them. They gave him his blade as a sign of thanks... Right... Gargan?" - the mongrel scout agrees with a grunt.

"We hoped they had returned. A shame, indeed." - her face frowns a bit as her hands circle Harfik's face, still pleading to touch it.

"You..." - she turns quickly towards Aanzu's spot - "...called me ork, before.... We are mongrels, now. We were distinct, once. But, now, we turned into one people. No more goblins, no more hobs, no more dworfs... Only mongrels." - she remarks with a cautious, frail tone. "But... It's interesting you called us orks... Have you seen... Orks... Within the mountain?" - she asks, her eyebrows rising, despite her useless eyes.

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Thulwar watches around with interest, his darkvision easily piercing the gloom of the cave. Tink moves to one side, less threatening position than looming over smaller people.
"You can feel me if you are not specifically interested in Harfik. I come from under the Demon City and you might find that your stories don't mention my people at all." he comments even as he looks the other way.
He is interested in her touch - it could help him decide if she's underwater native or simply protected by some kind of magic. What's more, if her skin is poisonous or otherwise different, he might be able to smell or feel it. And in case he falls victim to such poison. Well, better him than Harfik. He has a protector, Harfik doesn't.


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Icosa, having been silent, observing, says in his hollow, booming voice, "I have no memories of this place, prior to my arriving here with this group. I do not know if I can be of assistance to you, or what assistance you can be to me. I am open to negotiating, however."


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"This one has seen orcs, and orcish blood," Aanzu confirms, although he starts to doubt whether the creatures that held the giantess and her baby - and the many miners - captive were, in fact, orcs. He does not wish to appear uncertain however.

The dragonborn tenses when the shaman attempts to touch the faces of some of his allies, and he will grunt disapprovingly if anyone tries to do the same to him. If that is not enough, he will take a step back. Otherwise he keeps observing the interaction without speaking much.

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The shaman holds a simple, pragmatic posture towards the whole process. She tatters around Harfik's face, grimacing oddly while doing so. Methodically, she invites the svirfneblin to approach, doing the same to him. All throughout the operation, Tink maintains a watchful posture, ready to charge at any sign of aggression.

"We were four devided clans. we waged war against each other before the Teraphim arrived. But then they came and made us whole." - she speaks in a controlled, direct manner. "They took our sight, the cause of our dissention, and they made us faster, and stronger, and more resilient. They guided us, trained us and handled us our traditions. In exchange, they only asked of us that we helped extract the hot ores from their veins. We did so, to pay tribute to the gods, as requested."

"Until the Day of Tribulation came. The Teraphim spoke of a great enemy. Many of our own enlisted to fight. Few ever came back. The city below was tainted, it was said, and we fought there as well. The clans were divided still, in the city below, it was said. After that, the Teraphim disappeared. We took upon ourselves to survive here, to live here. It was then that the dead came up. From the Dead City, they came. They accused us of killing them alongside the Teraphim. They used this as an excuse to wage war against us, to attack us for our bodies. We've been locked in war against them ever since." - she finishes, crossing her hands upon her lap.

As she touches Thulwar's face, the gnome can feel the texture of her skin. Her hands are far from frail; the claws are strong and sharp; and the skin, it's way too wet and scaled to belong to a regular orc. The fingers even show membranes between them. Underneath a gray-blue hair, both Harfik and Thulwar seem to be able to recognize gills...

"I have no memories of this place, prior to my arriving here with this group. I do not know if I can be of assistance to you, or what assistance you can be to me. I am open to negotiating, however."

"Indeed, we might be useful to one another..." - she says. "For I've never seen one such as you that hasn't come from the bowels of this mountain, and the aid of your kind might be indeed invaluable."

"This one has seen orcs, and orcish blood,"

Her clever expression seems to sum up every piece of info delivered by the heroes so far.

"This is indeed promising..." - she turns to Gargan, pointing out to one of the entrances beyond. "You should go, Gargan... Talk to your father, yes?" - Gargan nods and moves towards the dark waters, finding his way through stones and shallow paths, as slowly as possible. Rookie remains with the others.

"We've been imprisoned here for decades, fighting a hopeless war against the dead. They take our bodies to replenish their ranks, possess our young to cause havoc or simply to enjoy life once more... Some say they've even taken to... savour our flesh... As if it was some sort of delicacy..." - her tone becomes severe and concerned. "We've been looking for a way out. We've been looking... for a new home. Or at least for the means to destroy the dead... Once and for all." - she points out to you.

"You've made enemies with them. A sound choice. No doubt they want your bodies. No doubt they want the Teraphim. We are natural allies, it seems...." - she waves around. "And we might be able to work out a plan. If there are orcs beyond, there are other places we can go to... If there are Teraphim, perhaps our masters can receive us once more... Or.... There might be other alternatives... Depending on how fare you'd dare go." - she studies the heroes with her sightless eyes.
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
"I don't think you could survive in The Deep. You're certainly capable of moving without light and obviously adapt to different environments, but you have to be in force or you'll just get enslaved. And I cannot talk for Teraphim at all. But we can help each other with the undead. Whatever you did earlier and whatever your intentions, you're not stealing bodies from others."

Little alchemist offers while analyzing her touch and voice.
"You're not an orc. At least not only an orc. Are all your people capable of surviving underwater or each has specific...hm...evolutions."


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Aanzu's eyes narrow. The shaman is obviously hoping to get to an arrangement of sorts, but the dragonborn does not trust her. He knows, however, that Harfik is much better at this diplomacy thing, and unless the monk advises something truly stupid, the prince will go along. He does have a question, however.

"This one is curious how such an arrangement would benefit him and the lizards," he says softly.

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