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Pathfinder 1E IC - Tideruler: The Fall of Laholt

"Well said," Zyara says. "I can cross the water easily. Meet you on the other side." And with a combination of acrobatics and brachiating, Zyara starts across the divide toward the raging battle.

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"Come on, Alice, we fly to the rescue! Bat, hold on!"
Another string of tongue-twisting syllables and the reality bends around Alice enabling her to control gravity pull with the effort of will. Two castings, two runes etch onto various parts of Arduniels equipment. The rune disc faded in seconds leaving him flying without obvious means of propulsion.

He grabs Bats hand and falls toward the melee.

2 manipulation charges generated
Float script cast 2/2
[MENTION=6847138]Charlotte of Oz[/MENTION], you have fly 40' average maneuverability for the next 12 minutes.


Round 0

Daxio frowned at the betrayal. He should have seen this coming. How could Goliath do this to him? He didn’t have much time to dwell on it, though, as a horde of drow were upon the city. He cast a spell to allow him to fly and then turned invisible.

“Anyone else need a lift?” Daxio asked before he headed after the others.

OOC: If anyone else needs a Fly, I can cast it 5 more times.

[sblock=Actions and Rolls]
Move: Fly after the others.
Action: Cast Fly and Greater Invisibility

HP: 122/122 NL: 0
AC: 19 FF: 14 T: 15
CMD: 20
Fort: 10 Ref: 10 Will: 13
Armed: Dagger
Arcane Reservoir: 9/15/day
Consume Spells: 5/5/day

Conditions: Detect Magic (113 r), Message (1196 r), Fly (120r), Greater Invisibility (12r)

Spells Prepared
0 (9): Acid Splash, Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Mage Hand, Message, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic
1 (7/7, prep 5): Burning Hands, Charm Person, Disguise Self, Magic Missile, Vanish
2 (6/6, prep 5): Darkvision, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility
3 (5/6, prep 4): Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Suggestion, Fly
4 (5/6, prep 3): Charm Monster, Confusion, Greater Invisibility
5 (6/6, prep 2): Dominate Person, Hold Monster
6 (3/3, prep 1): Mass Suggestion

Spell Book:
0: All
1: Burning Hands, Charm Person, Disguise Self, Enlarge Person, Featherfall, Grease, Liberating Command, Magic Missile, Obscuring Mist, Ray of Enfeeblement, Shield, Silent Image, Vanish
2: Darkvision, Hideous Laughter, Invisibility, Scorching Ray, See Invisibility
3: Dispel Magic, Hold Person, Suggestion, Fly
4: Black Tentacles, Charm Monster, Confusion, Greater Invisibility
5: Dominate Person, Feeblemind, Hold Monster
6: Greater Dispel, Mass Suggestion

Archon Basileus

First Post

Moss is the first within fighting range. He signals towards the allied Fey - a handful of Green Knights, some druids and rangers and a fair amount of armed Fey, fighting against the hosts of the drow and their mutated, demonic offspring. One of the knights signal towards the sky as Moss shows his silhouette against the fading lights, ordering his comrades to retreat, but it seems that the sounds of battle are too much to allow for a coordinated effort! Soon after signalling, the distracted knight gets smashed down by a furious, growing spriggan. Moss' flight down brings the creature to its knees, saving the knight from a worse fate... for now.


As the monk leaps forward through branches and tree trunks, she realizes the waters are dead still. The nymphs hid, no doubt, frightened by the battle that ensues up ahead. As she steps over a solid oak, already on the edge of the battle, she overhears whispers nearby. Someone is trying to drive the nymphs out with sweet promises.... But the voice seems too dark and cruel to be attractive...

"Come out, come out, sweet things... It's time for love and conquest... Don't be shy.... Or... Should I descend upon ... you?" - the cruelty of the voice denounces the darkest of intentions. Zyara can tell where it comes from, now... The thing moves upon a branch, coming nearer to the water, crouching.... But it doesn't seem ... palpable. It is as if someone's shadow had taken a life of its own. Barely visible, the creature provokes the nymphs in a low voice, almost inaudible against the clash of swords and the battle cries just beyond the trees.

Zyara recognizes the shape and manners... A possessor, a shadow demon, no doubt! It didn't notice her yet. She might continue to the battlefield unmolested or she could do something about the creature. Her choice.


The three heroes move towards the battlefield, contemplating the horrid scene: the drow shed blood with impressive speed, while the Fey do their best to hold back the attackers. Amidst them, stranger creatures, uncommon to this world, make way: demonic blood joins the Fey, bringing the weight of winter and death upon the blessed, which respond with the full strength of nature's creative powers. Sudden bursts of light attempt to blind the enemies, which respond with heavy clouds of darkness; fire crosses the field, while ice rains upon the fighters on the other side. The conflict grows brutal, even through few seconds have gone by.

Both Arduniel and the Batknight fly over the battlefield. They can choose where to plummet down: amidst drow knights, against a line of raging, overgrown spriggans or perhaps upon the casters in the back, protected by wards and summons. Daxio sees the same general outlines. He also sees that the alessian front is organized in a likewise manner, seeking to protect the druids and the archers in the back with some knights, firbolgs and satyrs going towards the front. Both sides fight desperately to dismantle each other's center, slaying the casters before more damage can be done.

[Ok, you guys decide what to do! Please, keep an eye out for your spells and let's do this!]

[MENTION=24380]Neurotic[/MENTION] [MENTION=6801311]KahlessNestor[/MENTION] [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION] [MENTION=1231]Kaodi[/MENTION] [MENTION=87106]MetaVoid[/MENTION] [MENTION=6847138]Charlotte of Oz[/MENTION]


Batknight surveys the battlefield and immediately gravitates towards the spell-flinging back line of the drow forces. Looking back to Arduniel he shouts just loud enough for the elven mage to hear, "Fly me down right into the middle of their spellwielders and then be ready to let go and fly straight up so you can see again; they blotted out the Sun so that they could strike in darkness, but it will be hard for them to aim their spells if I make it even darker."

Zyara tries to sneak up on the shadow and trip the demon (triggering all sorts of nastiness).

OOC: Stealth [roll0]
Trip attack [roll1] using nine-section whip +1
Assuming Trip succeeds:
* Free attack (from Greater Trip Feat) Open hand strike (Power Attack, stunning fist) [roll2] Damage [roll3] And creature must make DC 25 Will save or it is stunned. Open hand strike bypasses DR: magic, cold iron, silver, and lawful
* attack of opportunity for falling prone. (from Vicious Stomp feat) Open hand strike (power attack) [roll4] Damage [roll5]

Wow, those are all crappy rolls but the stealth roll.

Batknight surveys the battlefield and immediately gravitates towards the spell-flinging back line of the drow forces. Looking back to Arduniel he shouts just loud enough for the elven mage to hear, "Fly me down right into the middle of their spellwielders and then be ready to let go and fly straight up so you can see again; they blotted out the Sun so that they could strike in darkness, but it will be hard for them to aim their spells if I make it even darker."

"I'll let you down there, but wait with descending, I'll give them something to worry about in a moment."
He again speaks in that tongue-twisting language and air surrounding the fliers shimmers with number of runes and their movement becomes more fluid, reflexes aided by subtle probability twisting. At the same time, reality warps around group of casters under them, making them fight against the space distorsion to move, see or cast anything of relevance.

Move: approach into position
Standard: piercing (metascript rod), persisting Alter Flow script (lower SR by 5 and roll twice, take lower on the save) [roll0] Save negates Fort DC 21
[MENTION=1231]Kaodi[/MENTION], [MENTION=6855545]Archon Basileus[/MENTION]:
Alter Flow effects with 2 manipulation charges:
- if there are other PCs within 30' haste 1 instead of slowing 1 caster - this goes for melee, don't haste casters or Alice, if there are exactly 6 casters, don't haste Arduniel, slow them all :)
- Bat and Arduniel are hasted with +3 AC, +3 Ref, but no attack bonus ffor 12 rounds
- 5 casters are SLOWED with -3 AC and -3 Ref saves, but no effect on attack for 12 rounds

- if there are more casters, I will drop Bat in the middle of slowed batch and next round cast magic missiles on others (this will raise save DC for miasma next round :devil: )

Charges: 0
Float 1/2
Alter Flow 1/2
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Batknight is eager to dive into combat and yet sees they are still a short distance above the fray. And while he is not particularly concerned about drawing enemy fire to himself, especially as he feels his movements becoming much more agile, if the enemy looks up they might find an inviting target in his elven companion.

Batknight lets go of Arduniel and reaches down to his side to draw a blade of metal so black that it sticks out even under the cover of darkness. "I fancy myself a bit of a tenebrimancer too, you see," shouts Batknightas as he focuses his dark magicks on the emblem on his chest, making a brief mental note of the layout of enemy forces before world is enveloped in an impenetrable sphere of pure black. "I will be out of your way momentarily," he adds.

OOC: Deeper Darkness makes it so everything within 60 feet of Batknight should now be supernaturally dark, so not even Darkvision works, only See In Darkness. Edit: That took way too many edit attempts to figure out you do hyperlinks with URL not HTML, o_O .
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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.
OOC: Assuming one "full" round since others are on the way - my landing (after coming in with breath weapon attack) puts me in the group of enemies who then get the "benefits" of my full attack - anyone disabled by the bite is left for the defenders to mop up

Not caring that Fey people knew about the attack and were expecting it, only twinge of disappointment at Goliath spoils the thrill of the fight for the little dragon. Gleefully, after his breath scoured the melee line he lands in the nearest cluster still threatening defenders and gives himself over to blood lust. Burning of the acid only helped his own physical superiority as the soldiers quickly fell back at the savage attack.

OOC: Short version: assuming evil - if flanking with someone or the enemy is denied dex bonus for some reason add 5 damage PER ATTACK, add 7 damage to first one that gets hit twice (boar style) and Intimidate the shredded one: 1D20+19 = [17]+19 = 36
(boar ferocity)

Breath weapon cone 15' for 18 acid

Bite hits AC 25: 25 (cut) +8 (holy) +1 (acid) = 34 and Fort save DC 26 or nauseated
Claws hit AC 34 & 31: 29 and 33 damage
Tail hits AC 38: 21 damage
Wings hit AC 32 & 27: 23 and 30 damage

Breath weapon 15-feet cone acid: 4D6 = [3, 6, 3, 6] = 18

Bite vs spriggan; damage; holy damage if evil: 1D20+26 = [7]+26 = 33
2D6+15 = [5, 5]+15 = 25
2D6 = [5, 3] = 8
- +1 acid damage and Fort DC 26 or nauseated for 4 rounds

Claws vs Spriggan; damage; holy damage: 1D20+24 = [10]+24 = 34
2D6+13 = [1, 5]+13 = 19
2D6 = [5, 5] = 10
1D20+24 = [7]+24 = 31
2D6+13 = [6, 6]+13 = 25
2D6 = [5, 3] = 8

Tail vs Spriggan; damage; holy damage: 1D20+19 = [19]+19 = 38
2D6+9 = [6, 2]+9 = 17
2D6 = [3, 1] = 4

Wings vs Spriggan; damage; holy damage: 1D20+19 = [13]+19 = 32
2D8+9 = [1, 3]+9 = 13
2D6 = [4, 6] = 10
1D20+19 = [8]+19 = 27
2D8+9 = [8, 5]+9 = 22
2D6 = [4, 4] = 8

Boar shred damage: 2D6 = [1, 6] = 7

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Alice nods curtly at Arduniel, her thoughts on other matters. As she takes to the air, she plucks one of her extracts out of her potion-belt, and downs it in one gulp. She's instantly wreathed in warm orange flame, and then draws her rapier, choosing to take advantage of her maneuverability by dropping in on the spellcasters - or any summoned creature barring her way.

Don't I feel like an idiot. Well, we'll sort out who betrayed who and what exactly just happened later. Right now we fight.

Swift Action is her studying her target with Quick Study.
Standard is using Fire Shield on herself, choosing a warm shield that protects her from fire.
Move is getting as close to the target as she can.

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