ICv2's Latest RPG Chart: Pathfinder Up, Fallout Arrives

ICV2's chart of the top TTRPGs for Fall 2021 has landed. As usual, it puts D&D in top place; Pathfinder has reclaimed 2nd place after a dip in Spring 2021, and Goodman Games' D&D 5E line has its own entry coming in at 3rd place, spurred by the 5E version of The Temple of Elemental Evil.

The Aliens RPG has dropped off the chart (it had held 4th place since Fall 2020) and Call of Cthulhu features for the first time since 2016. Finally, Modiphius' Fallout RPG has appeared in 4th place.


As always, the historical charts can all be found compiled here.

Game Line​
1Dungeons & Dragons (WotC)
2Pathfinder (Paizo)
3D&D 5E (Goodman Games)
4Fallout (Modiphius)
5Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium)

As always, these charts are compiled via interviews with retailers and distributors in North America.

ICv2 also reports that the hobby game channel was up 30% in 2021 as people started to return to brick-and-mortar stores. They also report that a staggering 90%+ of TTRPG groups are playing Dungeons & Dragons, according to Gameology's Kevin Gaffuri. Distributors are reporting, however, that smaller RPGs are up, lifted by D&Ds success.
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I happy for Paiz. They should be proud with their 2st place for Pathfinder. I wish a great success for Starfinder franchise.

Goodman Games could start a new setting mixing elements from "Brocosaurus Rex" and DragonMech.

If Fallout franchise is now a cash cow, then WotC should think seriously a revival for "Gamma World". They could start with a survival (and stronghold management) videogame for mobiles, because these need less money and time. With the experencie they could launch a videogame for PC. With the videogame could test d20 system with modern technology and firearms (but trying to save ammo for the worst menaces).

The action-live show Lovecraft Country could helped Chaoisium to sell more books of Ch-of-Ch. but it was only one season.

Von Ether

When someone asks you to provide "proof" of what sells in ttRPGs, this list is as close as you can get and yet, no disrespect to ICv2, it's still not the solid numbers other industries have.

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