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If Gaming Wasn't Your Hobby...?

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…I'm left thinking - what could I be doing with my life if I wasn't so invested in RPGs?
In m case, I have lots of hobbies. Most that have fallen by the wayside did so because of factors having nothing to do with gaming whatsoever, and gaming grew into those absences.

Of those I came to contemporaneously or after gaming, probably the biggest would be musical performance, specifically voice, acoustic & electric guitar and electric bass. If it weren’t for gaming, I might be doing THAT professionally as a studio musician or teacher. (I don’t have dreams of big recording contracts and arena tours.)


Because... everyone's got a spare hay bale elevator in their basement?
What, don't you? lol.
So I started gaming in 78 at the age of 7. I had four hobbies, D&D, music, a love of militaria and computers. When I grew up, I joined the Army as an Intel analyst copying codes on computers. While in, I garnered a spot playing percussion as a session musician in a national professional touring group. I also started hobknobbing with some weirdos on this gaming website and started producing the music for something called the ENnie awards and when I moved back home, worked in the workshops for True Dungeon. Since then I have gone back to professional music. So, nope, not sure what would have changed. LMAO

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