Immortals Handbook: Ascension 3.5E Print you want one?

Hey Alzrius amigo! :)

I tell you, getting to read this in print has really made my day. I'm also excited to see that you filled out the artifacts for a few of the example deities in the back of the book. New material for 3.5 IH gaming at last! :D

I think I missed two, but don't tell anyone.

Insofar as the book arriving safe and sound goes, there was a very, very tiny ding on the upper back corner, but it's not really noticeable, so I'd call it 99% fine.

In my eyes its the tiny dings that count. Apologies buddy. :(

I have been double wrapping and double packaging everything since someone first mentioned minor damage on one of the books. Of course I already had 9 shipped by then (including yours).

Glad I could help out; the end result is a win for everyone!

I'm 97% happy with the book. I'll aim to do better next time.

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Just got told the books posted last Friday arrived in the USA safe and sound. So that was 4 business days to the USA - which was what I originally thought was the timetable.

That person got two books and noted that one of the books was missing the top half of the illustration of Sobek on page 103. I thought it was only my cover damaged copy from Mixam (the extra one) that had that flaw but after checking my remaining 5 books it seems one of the others has the same flaw and Mixam didn't spot it.

So when you get your copy, double check page 103 and see if the Sobek illustration is intact. Curious to know how many had that mistake before I email Mixam about it - so far its 3 of 21.

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