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D&D (2024) In Interview with GamesRadar, Chris Perkins Discusses New Books

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That doesn't matter. Settlers of Catan is a game. Settlers of Catan the Game of Thrones version includes new rules and pieces. It is not the same game. Settlers of Catan the card game is not the same game.
Your comparison is like apples and oranges.
Just because 1e had D&D in the name and built on stuff from OD&D, does not make it the same game.
Lol, using that same logic, the D&D line is also a separate game from OD&D.


It feels like if we group thought a big list of important traits in each version of D&D and then marked off which ones each version had, and marked it off for a couple of D&D adjacent games and a couple not D&D related games had, that there are some statistical/data-sciencey tools for seeing how they relate and how closely (a psuedo phylogenetic tree kind of thing).

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