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A constructive world generation system which results in descriptions more poetic than prosaic thereby opening up that kind of verbal composition as a part of the player game too.



I would like the system to have nice incentives (or penalties for not) for PC to purchase stuff other than adventuring gear (a house, for example).


I wish systems had a way to simulate the 'give up at gun point' instead of calculating that the gun/bow only does 1 hit and it takes multi hits to drop them...

... combined with a way to knock people out like in the old crime noir movies so that I could play a Garrett P.I. game.


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... describe what you wish an RPG did for you which no RPG currently does to your satisfaction. You get to name just one thing, one sentence.

Difficulty: you cannot name or reference an existing RPG. It's not the "I like the way X handles Z" promotional thread, it's the "I wish Z was handled better, but I haven't seen it yet" thread.
I wish there was a game with a more interesting system of magic. I'd like to see something where magic follows certain consistent rules, which in turns mean you could customize spells on the fly. I don't want to cast fireball by saying "I cast fireball," I want to combine spell elements to create a sphere of fire which is hurled at target X.

ETA: It's possible that there is a game that does this! My knowledge of RPGs is far from comprehensive.


Give me a game where combat is highly tactical and balanced, but does not involve much math. Bonus points if a major conflict may be resolved in 30min.

Give me a game where belief dynamics of big groups of people (political preferences, religions, advertising) are modelled by solid mechanics.

Give me a fantasy or sci-fi game that uses other "races"/species to help explore humanity, instead of treating humans as a boring, "flexible" default.

I would like to see a game that handles damage in combat realistically. A person can be killed just as easily by a knife as by a sword, for example - the distance between the two people is what makes the difference. Bigger, heavier, longer, etc. only give a weapon an edge if you are standing a certain distance from the other character.


I want a game where monsters/NPCs can be defined in 2-3 lines of space so I can run them without looking stuff up or needing more notes.

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