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5E Inventory Sheets

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First Post

Rather off topic, thinking about using your portable hole sheet for my gnome battlemaster, I realized how I can set up the inventory bits of the character app I'm very leisurely working on.

What springs to mind is setting up an "gear at the ready" panel on the main screen with my basic details for the common weapons, armor, and various items that are accessible without rooting through a backpack or portable hole.

Then on a dedicated inventory screen, I can have separate panels for each sort of container, then just drag and drop the items from place to place as necessary.

Sweet. That actually solves a niggling design problem I've been struggling with. So thank you.

And nice work!


For the record, the form fill has a couple of code and usability issues.
Most pressingly, two of the main compartment slots' weight fields have the same ID in the left and right columns, so the weight gets duplicated across columns. It's the sixth from the top and the seventh from the bottom.

It's kind of irritating to have it stop counting at 30 lbs and pop up a warning every time you change a weight. I was just trying to reorganize my bag, and I had to enter a -100 lb item just to shut off the warning until I finished. It would be fine to just turn the weight red or something.

Finally, the tab order goes across the page instead of down each box. A minor inconvenience, but annoying.


I think these are great, thank you. What was the design process that led to labeling some compartments at the top of the section and others at the bottom? You've got me feeling like Mr. Monk...

Benjamin Olson

Anything that helps people remember that they have a backpack on everywhere they go (that almost never seems to appear on their mini).


Solid. We've switched to a "slot-based" encumbrance (variant STR rule + ability to carry stuff on your body) where no matter your STR score, there's only so much you can carry at a given time. Knowing what is in your backback is a big deal. I allow players to, as a free action, shed their backpack during battle given the backpack can really weigh you down in a battle, so it's almost instinct to drop it (albeit if 2 rounds later you want something in that pack, you might need to head back).


Sorry I can't be of any help, but I did not make this (or have the ability or knowledge about doing so). Keith C. originally designed them, and Terri Carey made them form fill-able. I knew them thru the now defunct Google+, and have lost contact with them since it's demise. Keith originally just shared them on G+ and was looking for a host for the files. I thought they were very useful, so I offered to host them on my blog. Terri did the upgrades on her own, and reached out to me with them.

If anyone can fix these bugs, or knows Keith C. or Terri Carey I would be much appreciative!